Templar Patrick Goibniu

Gender : Male/Construct
Race : Kolyarut/Aos Si of the Dagda Clan
Age : 317
Alignment : Lawful Good
Class : Paladin
Power rating : 8 - 20, or C - B+
Description :

Equipment and Abilities : He's your average Kolyarut, better than any human being physically, a fair amount of magical ability that's advanced by his now-Aos Si nature, and the benefits of being a construct. He carries a Shard of Caladbolg blade, a Magestorm arm-cannon, and a plethora of internal chains and blades, along with the Cloak of Boann.

Backstory : I'll consider filling this in at a later date. Probably development through talk and thought more than myself filling in a narrative.

Misc : 'e ain't no leprechaun, laddie.