Foulspawn Grue

Race: Foulspawn Grue
Gender: Foulspawn Grue
Alignment: Tm8gYWxpZ25tZW50
Age: E = mc˛
Class: Freak.
Power: The Grue has it.


The creature before you is a five feet tall humanoid, but it moves around crouched, so it appears to be no taller than four feet in heigh. It's skin is leathery and gray, and somewhat long black spines come from its back, its scalp and the back of its arms. It is completely hairless and wears nothing but shorts in varied tones of gray.

Foulspawn Grue usually doesn't speak and generally does not act in any understandable way. It is likely as insane as it is ugly, but mostly inofensive. It has proved to be capable of understanding speech, writing and reading, so at the very least it is intelligent literate.