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    Pantrixilis Vor Bastalt "Pixie"

    Gender: Female
    Race: Child of the Moon (no not a werewolf a homebrew race I am making)
    Age: 452
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class: Paladin/ a few levels in Bard
    Power Rating: 6
    Description: Pixie wears a skirt and tube top. She is somewhere between 2'0 4'6, tall, and can change size at will and has long red hair. She also carries a black leather whip and has a full sized but rather thin greatsword strapped to her back.
    Equipment and Abilities: A whip that can cause a person it strikes to feel intense pleasure when they are struck instead of pain. Various bondage related items in a bag or holding. Her greatsword is cursed, she can't get rid of it and it randomly turns into a giant whiffle ball bat when she is swinging it some times. When it does this it makes a funny Bonk! sound. She also has many lust powers and caries way to many love/lust/random potions with her at all times. She also has "The Voice" which is the power of suggestion, based on speech. She can either compel honesty or make a "suggestion" which is magical. Also due to the celestial blood line that Children of the Moon carry, she can transform.
    Backstory: Pixie was dedicated to the old goddess of lust, but sought out Angela to decide if she wants to turn, mainly due to the fact that Pixie didn't like the fact that she has been used as an assassin more then a temptress.
    Miscellaneous: Pixie is slightly air headed at times, and also may be a little bipolar. She is also bat-shiz-crazy, or at least thats the best way to describe her. She is also a member of a race that lives practicaly forever. And is roughly the equivilant of a 6 year old in her culture, however she has never mentioned the fact that she is not human, and looks almost exaclt like a human.
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