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    Tia Eiranikos

    Race: Corrupted Human, now an Inamorata Demoness (Succubus)
    Gender: Female
    Power Level: E+/D
    Age: 19
    Abilities: Seduction aura, charm, life drain, healing, heightened sense of smell, prehensile tail, minor ability to influence her own appearance

    Tia was given a cursed amulet by her father for her 19th birthday. It soon corrupted her into a succubus under the control of Maelstrus. She soon went on a seduction spree, draining the life from her first partner, Viktor, but leaving the others alive as she did not need to feed again so soon.

    While going to join her Master, she met Euria, who recognized what she was and befriended her, and later Euria's sister Lorial, another succubus.

    She can disguise herself as a human, but silver will always glow in her presence.

    If a man survives an encounter with her where she successfully drains some of their life force, she is imprinted on him. She gains certain abilities over him, but he has some power over her as well.

    She has four npc men she is bonded to in this way: Milos, Everett, Oscar, and Atticus. In addition, she has also imprinted on Maelstrus.

    Her relationship with Gabriel seems to have deepened beyond mere imprinting, to the point where she'd have trouble choosing between him and her Master.

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