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    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Power Level: D+

    Age: 26

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Description: "Hawk" aka Mr Robin Bluetit (He hates his real can guess why) stands just under 6 feet tall, and is a rather dashing and handsome man with his long black hair, wild eyes and confident walk, in fact one might say he almost dances across a room. He also tends to be juggling knives. Wherever you see him, wherever he may be, whatever he's doing, he'll almost certainly have a few knives circling around in the air, usually five or's only him practicing after all. The real displays can involve over twenty of the things.

    So in case you haven't guessed, he's a bit of an expert with knives. Well, okay, replace the phrase "a bit of an expert" with "unrivalled in skill". He has been "playing" with knives (kids! Do not try any of Hawk's stunts at home!) since he was in his teens, and has rapidly developed a dexterity with them that is unmatched anywhere. He's spent the last eight years working with a travelling circus, earning them a lot of respect and putting several rival circuses out of business in the process. He's also rather rich. See, he's quite devious and clever as well. He's made a lot of bets based around his skill with knives and made a lot of money out of taking advantage out of those fools who refuse to believe he's so skillful with them.

    Oh, and a lot of that money has been cashed in on an expensive outfit. His dashing, longtailed coat, the hat at the perfect angle to cast a shadow over his face to generate a more dramatic entrance, hell even his shirt is made out of some of the most comfortable materials around. Oh, and he's also collected a vast number of magic items to take advantage of his knife skills. He's been involved in a fair amount of brawls, and even has a stylish scar on the side of his face to prove it. Of course, said scar has been used to spin outrageous tales of adventure and heroism to win the hearts of some of the less intelligent women he's encountered.

    Anyway, the magic items include, but are not limited to: An invisible bag of holding that contains a vast number of knives, a magic teleporting dagger with a time delay on the teleport, a magic item designed specifically to hide all traces of magic from him, a special watch that contains a rather large number of charges of a powerful "dispel magic" spell, as well as numerous others. Listing all would make this post entirely too long.

    Equipment: Comfortable, loose clothing, specifically designed to highlight how dashing and handsome he is. Near-infinite number of mundane knives. Much smaller (but still rather large) number of magically enchanted knives, and numerous other magic items.

    Backstory: "Hawk" ran away from his home at a young age and lived on the streets. He joined a local gang at the age of 12 and for 4 years was involved in numerous thefts, acts of violence, and that sort of thing. Initially he tried his hand at a pickpocket, but soon started developing a skill with knives. By the time he turned 16 he was able to put a knife in the back of someone from 100 paces with phenomenal accuracy. "I never miss!" was his arrogant claim. He also adopted the name "Hawk" at this point.

    He was eventually caught and spent two years in prison since his crimes were relatively minor...or at least the only ones they knew about were.

    Once he got out, he joined the "Mr Montgomery's Magical Madness" travelling circus, eager to get away from his home town and work on improving his reputation. He is not an evil man, though he could hardly be called a good man either.

    For the next eight years he worked on improving his act, gaining a fortune through rather unfair bets, and gathering his little collection of magic items.

    Now, at 26, the circus has finally become a little boring for him. He still does his nightly show, but during the day he's taken to travelling, his handy teleporting magic item returning him in time for the show each evening. And now, these travels have taken him to the Nexus...

    Miscellaneous: "Hawk" tends to take a "What's in it for me?" approach to life. Don't expect him to do anything challenging for free.
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