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    Elendro Elessedil, Fleetmaster

    Gender: Male
    Race: Eladrin/Archangel
    Age: 140
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class (or approximation): Fleetmaster to Gielinor Loyalists, Paladin/Sorcerer
    Power Rating or, an Alternate System (optional): 8.1
    Description: An old Archangel in the time of the God Wars, Elendro has always been attentive of whatever should happen in the future. As an immortal, he is, well, immortal. As a paladin/sorcerer, he killed two tarrasques. After a Temporal Stasis froze the Freelance Guild; at this time, Elendro decided to settle down, and build a force to colonize worlds and stop the RuneScapian Separatists.
    Equipment: Whatever he carries in his Handy Haversack, a class 4 I-88G Battle armor, an M22A73 Assault Rifle, which can be morphed to a sniper, an N56 Auto Magnum, an Intelligence Processor Unit, (IPU). And for cashmere, a brown trenchcoat, snow boots, a pair of slim jeans, calf-socks, an undershirt, a bandana, and a Star Opal Ring.

    Abilities: Decent Strength and Charisma, nice Dexterity, and passing Intelligence and Wisdom. Still needs to work on Constitution. (Got high plusses from his 4d6, take out lowest roll thing.)

    Backstory: An archangel turned immortal Eladrin, Elendro and his Freelance Guild have been more of anything or themselves. A paladin/sorcerer, a fighter, 2 rangers, a rogue/ranger, a bard, two wizards, and a cleric. They've been Temporally Statisized by some sorcerer sent from the future and ended up in this age after that. Now, the Freelance Guild owns their starships, courtesy of the Gielinor Loyalist fleet, for a bidding Fleetmaster after 8 years.

    After retrieving Pixie's sword from the Astral Sea, Celestia, Elendro has a spirit to control him at random times, and is haunted until he's back in his body, and demigod again.
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