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Giant in the Playground PrC Contest XVI

The contest begins with the posting of this thread and will run through midnight of March 15th.

Soon after a poll will be opened for everyone to vote for their favorite that will last until midnight of March 25th.


1) You will be creating an 'original' prestige class. You will be finding a partner who is also making a prestige class (and you both can help each other with the mechanics of which) and through fluff and abilities, make them enemies. If one of you makes a group of brave knights bent on the destruction of dragons, the other makes a cult of diabolical dragon worships bent on their annihilation and enslavement. The two classes made must in some form or fashion be opposing to the other. Again, feel free to work on the classes together so that way you may come up with compatible fluff and rules with which to give the classes advantages that the other does not, and draw backs as well. You may draw from any published WotC sourcebook for inspiration and rules. If you do not have a partner, try to find one in the chat thread, and if you cannot find one, then you cannot enter and will be disqualified. Link the opposing class somewhere in your entry.

2) Entries must include name, complete class, and fluff, combat related and role playing related. Incomplete entries at the

deadline will be disqualified.

3) Entries must be 3.5, using the standard format below.

4) Post all entries in this thread. Post all conversation, questions, etc here in the
chat thread).

5) Maximum of one entry per participant (gotta save up those creative juices for the next one too!)

6) Entries must be your own work, and must not be copied for other places. Only new work may submitted; no previously posted

work will be accepted. Such entries will be disqualified. Such entries will be disqualified.

7) No reserving posts. Feel free to tweak your class, but the initial post must include the basics.

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And here's helpers if you need it!

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