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    Default Re: Death and the Past or the Mind and the Future (2 ToB PrCs)

    Quote Originally Posted by Sereg View Post
    I like these a lot. However, "Gift to those yet to be" apears to be something that flavour says should happen a lot, yet mechanically isn't likely to be a good idea. Maybe they can be raised, but if they are the manuever is removed from the memory of the one they imparted it to or something like that.
    Hmm, I'll think about it. Currently I've just upped the bonus so that it actually isn't just giving a single maneuver. I'm not sure that allowing ressurection and then having the maneuver removed is a good idea since it means that anyone who sacrificed themselves will then be in a bit of a dilemma about whether to accept a raising or not.

    Edit: Maybe they should lose two levels if resurrected? That would make it unlikely to be used by PCs but not as unreasonable. I mean, I'm still not sure. I sort of think of it as the sort of thing used when a Preserver is getting very old and clearly isn't going to live much longer.
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