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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 30s, but has switched bodies to an early 20s body.
    Alignment: EVIL! Yes!
    Class (or approximation): I have no idea. Soul-stealer, I guess.
    Power Rating or, an Alternate System (optional): B- to A- or 6 to 7

    Cute, long brown hair. Scars are gone, looks beautiful. Of course, this is the body that she stole, because her normal one got destroyed, along with lots of her power.

    Is wearing midcalf brown leather boots, matching gloves, a dark bloodred cape and a deep dark blue sash, and eerily dark purple pants. Somehow it looks good and intimidating.

    Equipment and Abilities: Can drain souls, energy, essence, life, etc. from people. Then control their husk of a body. And use their abilities.

    Also, a fairly adept fighter.

    Backstory: Stole people's souls, in a thirst for power. Starting with her family.

    Recently had a run-in with followers of a death god, and had most of her power released/destroyed.

    Souls she's in the possesion of: (and abilities they grant her)
    1. Her brother - Midnight armor, very strong, entierly covers her - no weak points. Can grow spikes.
    2. A young Lunar - Shapeshift, mostly to animals.
    3. An inexperienced mage - Simple magic attacks
    4. Isabel (whose body she is using) - She uses this to make the majority of her weapon, either a spiked whip or a sword or a scythe
    No, I won't list these all out.
    Several others, bringing her into the hundreds

    Kristen and her child Rachel

    Gender: Female
    Race: Angel
    Age: 20s or 30s
    Alignment: Good
    Class (or approximation): Angel? Has memory loss
    Power Rating or, an Alternate System (optional): 2 or E or D

    Has lost her memory, due to falling and dying onto GLoG's lake while it was frozen.

    Other than that, is a young mother angel. Her feathers have grown back, fortunately.
    Equipment and Abilities: Can fly, because of her angel wings.

    Backstory: She can't remember it. Also, she wasn't meant to last more than a post, because she died in the post she was introduced in. But her daughter was still alive, and then Kristin got rezzed, and named (because she couldn't remember name, due to the head trauma).

    She was on the run from something, and fell to ACRO, with her daughter.

    Maya, who is a nurse

    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 26, fresh out of Nursing School
    Alignment: Good
    Class (or approximation): Nurse/Actress/Doctor (but not officially)
    Power Rating or, an Alternate System (optional): E+ or D-, probably.

    Normal woman. Pretty brown hair, nice hazel eyes. Smile on her face. Not at all adventurous-looking, like all he heroes who slay dragons and stuff.

    Equipment and Abilities: Has a pistol, on a leg holster. It's for protection, mostly.

    She can also act, and is fairly knowledgeable and adept at medical-related subjects.

    Backstory: Grew up in a downtown slum, where people got shot nightly. A really scary part of town.

    When she grew up, she vowed to leave, and get a good job. She went to medical school, to become a doctor, and worked as an actress part-time to pay her way through college.

    Then, she met up with a boyfriend. Fell in love, stayed with him, slept with him each night. He convinced her to drop out of medical school and go to nursing school so she could spend more time with him.

    Later, one evening, on a dinner date (she was an NPC working part-time at HALO at the time) she found out that he proposed to another woman. He wanted her to be the 'best man with benefits' at the wedding. She immediately dumped him. Then, stayed at HALO.

    Miscellaneous: Likes Vaze.
    HALO member.
    Future HALO thread: Is unconscious. In a coma. Has been for the last 5 years, since she got kidnapped, and a building fell on top of her and Vaze, followed by the HALO members giving up trying to get them out (for one reason or another), thinking they had no chance of survival.
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