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Unfortunately, *actually* TPKing the party so they can start over is DEFINITELY NOT an option, since the Ranger and Rogue are happy,
You don't need a TPK to let a player or two restart characters.

and now the Barbarian is fine waiting for the Paladin until next campaign, since he likes Barbarian too. The makes is a little easier, since the Ranger and Rogue have no in-game reason to stay with the party without him. I don't think any of them would like restarting the campaign. I talked to the Ranger and Rogue about this possible change in party dynamics and the Ranger rolled her eyes and the Rogue basically said "That's not fair, because that's going to set us back in the plot, and we don't want to waste time, IC or OOC, by running huge rebuilding quests."
Making any one character the only thing holding the party together is problematic. I recommend against doing so if this is happening by the power of plot. If it's happening because of the characters...well, it's up to the players to fix that. If the players want to merrily continue onward with the campaign, then it's up to them to give their characters motivation to do so.