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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Default Vidalia

    Vidalia A.K.A. The Onion
    Race: Human/Plant Hybrid
    Class: Onionpathy Master/Spy
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Age: 20
    Height: Various
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Usually Black
    Affiliation: People of Established Antagonism, Chaos, and Evil Good League of Good
    Power Level: 5

    Description: Human Form: 5'3", black hair, green eyes, and red full lips. Her hair is neck length. She has a very sexy sensual way about her, and she knows it.

    Onion Plant Form: She has the same figure as her human form, but she looks like a walking plant.

    Onion Form: Pick an onion, any onion. She can look like it.

    Backstory: She and her sister, Bianca, were kidnapped at a young age and trained by an as-yet-unspecified government.

    They both went through the same rigurous training/torture until their specific abilities came to light. They were only 7 when this happened.

    Then they were seperated, and trained individually. Vidalia was trained as a spy, and how to better use her unique abilities to control onions.

    After years of training, by the time the girls were 16, they were finally sent on their first mission, together.

    Vidalia would infiltrate they targets place of business/home/wherever. She would then show Bianca where the Shadows are, allowing Bianca to slip in and assassinate the target. Then they would both slip out, rarely noticed. Even by surveillance equipment.

    All that changed when Vidalia had a falling out with their sponsors. They kept killing the people she'd take a liking to. And making it look as if it was her fault. This began slowly driving her insane.

    Bianca decided enough was enough, and together, the sisters fled the government, taking with them enough files that, if ever released to the public, would irreparably damage them and some of their allies.

    Unfortunately, soon after their escape, Vidalia learned of Bianca's part in the murders of her lovers.

    This drove a wedge between the two that hasn't healed. They went their seperate ways, only their hatred of their former masters was stronger.

    Soon after, in a Enupnion, Vidalia was hired by Lord Magtok to spy on AMEN in the ACROverse.

    1. When her onion proxies teleport away, they can leave something behind, other than an Onion.
    2. If one of her onion proxies is destroyed, she can instantaneously make another appear.
    3. Has recently developed the ability to shift her onion proxies to resemble not only herself, but others as well.

    Armor: None.

    Common Knowledge:
    1. Was in love with Corentin.
    2. Had a complicated love Quadrangle with Corentin, Decker, Tia, and Butler.

    Picture: None.
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