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    Default Miss Grunchlyn

    Miss Hui Grunchlyn
    Race: Storm Giantess
    Class: Teacher
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Age: 46
    Height: 20'4" (May edit this later, after I look up typical Storm Giant height)
    Eyes: Dark Green
    Hair: Light Green
    Affiliation: Teacher's League of Learning and Schooling.
    Power Level: 2 (when compared to other Giants).

    Description: She's a lovely giantess. She has a good disposition to those she cares about.

    Those she don't like..... well they should watch out.

    Backstory: Growing up in the country-side, away from most humans, Hui grew up naive about the stereotypes most humans have for giants.

    Wishing to learn, she left her home to find other cultures. She soon found hatred.

    A village of humans saw her coming, and fearing for their lives, they made plans to bring her down, and kill her. It wasn't hard.

    She fell for the easiest trick, a hole covered with leaves. It wasn'tr terribly deep, but it did make her fall on her face.

    Once down to their level, the village men quickly tied her down with a great many ropes. Enough that when she finally began to struggle to escape, she couldn't.

    Then they started hacking and stabbing at her, slowly killing her. She cried and pleaded with them to leave her be, but they would not listen.

    That is, until a brave man came to her rescue. Hearing her pleas, he faced down the villagers alone. And after a brief fight, in which their pride was wounded more than their bodies, Hui was released.

    Hui, scared for her life, stood up and ran back toward home. But she'd already suffered so much, that she was too weak and fell a couple of miles from the village.

    Her Hero once again came to her rescue. He had the men of the village create a giant wagon to carry her to his place, where he tended her wounds and nursed her back to health.

    His wife helped with bandages and herbs to sooth the pain. She also gave Hui the learning she craved. Teaching her about the world.

    Over the years, Hui has had many more teachers. Her two heroes, the husband and wife, have travelled with her, keeping her safe from ignorant peasants and evil landlords alike.

    1. None

    Armor: None

    Common Knowledge:
    1. She likes to teach.
    2. She specializes in teaching those who some may believe to be unteachable.

    Picture: None
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