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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Default Jorania

    Race: Amazonian Pixie
    Class: Healer-in-Training
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Age: 16
    Height: 2"
    Eyes: Lt. Brown
    Hair: Wheat colored, long & straight.
    Affiliation: Amazon Pixies of Neirian
    Power Level: 2

    Description: Jorania was a very simple and humble pixie. She never hurt anybody.

    She had pretty light brown eyes, and wheat colored hair that flowed down to her lower back.

    Her wings were a light brown, with green edging around them. There was a drop of blue in the middle of her left wing.

    She was always smiling and happy.

    Backstory: She was born mute. Normally, this would be a death sentance in Neirian, but Lex's mother, Queen Lasaandra, abolished this law, and Jorania was given to the Healer's guild.

    There, she learned to be a Healer and was beginning to develop her Magic.

    She died at the hands of Neirian, Lex's Grandmother, who was insane with her power.

    1. Healing Magic

    Armor: None

    Common Knowledge:
    1. She was mute.

    Picture: None
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