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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Race: Human
    Class: Psionicist
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'7"
    Eyes: Baby blue
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Affiliation: GLoG
    Power Level: Sometimes 1, but usually 4, with the potential to be 6

    Description: Shania always wears dark clothes. Blacks, grays, and dark blues. She tries to keep a smile on her face, but finds it hard, especially now that she knows the truth about her young life.

    Backstory: As a child, Shania lived the perfect life with a hard working father, and a lovely mother.

    But things changed when mother started earning more money than father. And became worse when father lost his job and couldn't find another.

    Let's just say he became abusive. He convinced Shania that he loved her, and that mother was a worthless woman who didn't appreciate him.

    Shania eventually put mother in a mental hospital, though she hadn't realized she'd done so.

    She started blacking out, and waking up to find herself sleeping in her bed, hours later.

    Finally, Dr. Beit was called in to help her with her catatonic state. He was caught unprepared, when her alter-ego took control of his mind and pulled Shania's physical form into it.

    Instinctively, Dr. Beit teleported himself to NO, and promptly passed out, locking Shania away in his mind.

    With the help of one of Thanatos 51-50's characters, Shania was released from her cage and taken to GLoG to find help.

    Quinn eventually helped her by unleashing the truth of what had been happening to her since she was 12 years old.

    Upon seeing all the hate and pain inflicted upon her by father was too much, and she slipped into a catatonic state.

    She's only recently come out of it. But doesn't feel like visiting with people too much.

    1. He rmind. She isn't sure yet of all her abilities.
    2. Mindrage: She can create a rage within others mind, sending them into a frenzy.
    3. Physical Takeover: As in the example of Dr. Beit, she can enter a mind mentally, and once she has control, can literally pull the rest of her physical body into it. Usually this would kill a person, but a strong enough psychic can survive.
    4. MindScream: Has shown the ability to scream so loud into someone's mind, as to render them unconscious. as yet uncontrollable, which is why she whispers in her mind-speech.

    Armor: None

    Common Knowledge:
    1. She lives in the cabin with broken windows. Won't let anyone fix the ones in her room.

    Picture: N/A
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