Race: Human
Class: Mistress of the Shadow-Realm, Shadow Assassin
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 23
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Light Green
Hair: Black, with Midnight Blue Highlights
Affiliation: Good League of Good, Neutral Organization
Power Level: 5

Description: 5'4", light green eyes, black with midnight blue highlights. She keeps her hair short. Giving her enemies less to grab ahold of during a fight.

Backstory: She and her sister, Vidalia, were kidnapped at a young age and trained by an as-yet-unspecified government.

They both went through the same rigurous training/torture until their specific abilities came to light. They were only 7 when this happened.

Then they were seperated, and trained individually. Bianca was trained as an assassin, and showed a natural aptitude to blend into the shadows. A Shadow-master was brought in to train her to manipulate the Realm.

After years of training, by the time the girls were 16, they were finally sent on their first mission, together.

Vidalia would infiltrate they targets place of business/home/wherever. She would then show Bianca where the Shadows are, allowing Bianca to slip in and assassinate the target. Then they would both slip out, rarely noticed. Even by surveillance equipment.

All that changed when Vidalia had a falling out with their sponsors. Bianca was sent on her first solo mission to kill a woman who, unknown to her, was Vidalia's lover. What made it odd was that her masters told her to kill the woman in a certain way.

At first, Bianca didn't get the connection. Even after killing three more people, both men and women, in a similar fashion.

That is, until she started noticing the change in Vidalia. When she confronted the Masters about it, they told her that it was for security reasons. She decided to not discuss the issue further.

Instead, Bianca went to Vidalia, and together they planned their escape. The sisters fled the government, taking with them enough files that, if ever released to the public, would irreparably damage them and some of their allies.

Unfortunately, soon after their escape, Vidalia learned of Bianca's part in the murders of her lovers.

This drove a wedge between the two that hasn't healed. They went their seperate ways, only their hatred of their former masters was stronger.

Bianca stayed in the shadows, hiring herself out as an independant assassin. A job she loves.

  1. Shadow Hide- She can stand in a shadow and will seam to disappear. But if you look hard enough, she's still standing right there, watching you.
  2. Shadow-Teleport- Bianca can slip into the Shadow-Realm, taking someone with her if she wishes, and reappear out of another known shadow.

    The limit of this power is, The Shadow-Masters must have seen the shadow they are planning to emerge from before entering the Shadow-Realm.
  3. Shadow-Sheath- Bianca has developed shadow-sheaths that she wears on her body. No one can see nor feel these sheaths. For they look and feel like her own shadow.

Armor: None.

Common Knowledge:
  1. Has a Love/Hate relationship with Vidalia.
  2. Loves Helen like a daughter. Helen is the only person Bianca has felt close to since losing Vidalia.

Picture: None.