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    Default Jezebelle, Estia, & Lyanna

    Jezebelle, Estia, & Lyanna
    Race: Humans
    Class: Jewelery Expert, Child, Child
    Alignment: True Neutral, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Good
    Age: 29, 10, 8
    Height: 5'5", 4'0", 3'2"
    Eyes: Blue, Blue, Green
    Hair: Light Brown, Brown, Light Brown
    Affiliation: Melody/Gersemi's Isle
    Power Level: 1, 0, 0

    Description: Jezebelle is a lovely young woman, in her late 20s. She looks as if she could be an aristocrat.

    Estia takes more after her father, with of course, a feminine touch. She's very pretty, and should grow to be a lovely young woman.

    Lyanna looks almost exactly like her mother did at that age, except she has green eyes.

    Backstory: When Jezebelle was a young woman, she left the easy life of her childhood for adventure. Well, she found it.

    She met a man by the name of Johan. He was perfect. He treated her like a man should treat a woman. He took her to shows, bought her expensive jewelry, and convinced her that he loved her.

    Then she had Estia. She was so proud of her beautiful new daughter. But that's when Johan turned cold. Ever since he'd bought the first piece of jewelry, he'd encouraged her to learn how to appraise the jewels and gems he'd buy her.

    She was a natural at it, and he knew he'd hit paydirt. Once she had a child, he used Estia as something to hold over Jezebelle's head. He would send her out to other people's estates to verify the worth of the jewelry they would hire him to smuggle.

    And in return for her dutiful performance, he would lavish her with gifts and love. For a few nights. Then when he would need her to do a job again, he would send her away.

    This went on for a couple more years, and the Lyanna was born. Jezebelle hoped that her second daughter would bring the family closer together. But it was not to be.

    Once, when Jezebelle finally went to confront him, she found him seducing a young woman in his office. She was horrifed and ran out, but apparently took a wrong turn, and found his dirty little secret. Johan was a slaver.

    She turned around to confront him, but he was right behind her. From that moment, her fate seemed sealed. He took both their children away from her, allowing her to see them once a month, as long as she obeyed him.

    He showed her everything she needed to see, to convince her that any fight against him was useless. She fell into dispair, only the love of her daughters keeping her from suicide.

    Years later, Johan made the mistake of leaving Estia and Lyanna on Gersemi Isle with Melody. This lead to his death at the hands of Reinholdt and the reuniting of Jezebelle, Estia, and Lyanna.

    1. Jezebelle has a jewel encrusted dagger.

    Armor: None

    Common Knowledge:
    1. None

    Picture: None
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