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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaZ View Post
    Two comments. (Yes I know this was a finished PrC that's being reposted after it got lost on the WoTC board):
    Well, this isn't the final version (the wayback machine only had an earlier draft), but it is a repost. Doesn't mean I'm not open to feedback.


    I don't really see the point of the second bit and this is the only one of the 9 that gets a drawback.
    Diamond Mind has several maneuvers that let you make Concentration checks instead of attacks or saves, which are mostly used (at least in my experience) to avoid rolling 1s; what this is essentially supposed to do is turn every attack roll into something like that. On further reflection, though, this should be phrased as a "may" ability rather than a "must" ability, so I'll change that.

    This seems to presume a high degree of violence and a general lack of ethical tendencies. Maybe just move them generally 1 step closer to hostile?
    That works too.

    Quote Originally Posted by DragoonWraith
    Crusaders at 9th level get two maneuvers from each of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels, plus one from 5th. OK, this is possible with every discipline they have access to, whoo. Rough, though; you're taking pretty much every maneuver the discipline has available.
    That's sort of the point.

    Warblade, I imagine, has the easiest time. At 9th, they have one maneuver from 1st and 5th, and two from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. OK, they can also do it with every discipline.

    So, alright, Crusaders and Warblades can do this, with difficulty. Outside of Desert Wind, though, Swordsages can't. I think that requirement needs reworking.
    Two things. First, it was intended that it be easier for crusaders and warblades to get in, since Masters of Nine are easier for swordsages. I probably should have stated that at some point, but I figured it was a minor point.

    Second, keep in mind the Special clause:
    If a martial adept wishes to become a Master of One but has already learned maneuvers of multiple disciplines, he may undergo a process known as the Epiphany of the Way. He must seek out a Master of the discipline he wishes to choose as his favored discipline as well as a cleric able to cast atonement; after 8 hours of meditation and the casting of atonement, the prospective Master of One may swap out any maneuvers from other disciplines for maneuvers from his new favored discipline (though he must still meet any and all prerequisites for the new maneuvers).
    You don't necessarily have to take only maneuvers from one discipline from level 1, so it's a bit easier than it first appears.

    EDIT: ...hold on a second. In the final WotC draft, there was an ability that let you take stances instead of maneuvers and vice versa, and a clause to that effect in the Epiphany of the Way, so I've been counting total number of maneuvers without considering which are stances. In that case, yes, it's pretty much impossible to make it in as a swordsage. Since I don't want to change one of the abilities back to that one, I've loosened the entry requirements and changed the flavor accordingly.
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