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    Does the Diamond Mind Rivalry reduce the total damage taken to 0, or just remove the multiplication?

    The Unparalleled Prowess ability for Falling Anvil:

    Falling Anvil: A Falling Anvil madman is often hampered by the very madness that protects him, but a Master of One can sometimes channel the zaniness to a more benign form. Any and each time a Falling Anvil maneuver they initiate would cause a bad effect they are allowed a Will save versus a DC of 14 + Maneuver Level to negate this effect. No Maneuver may be used to alter or effect this will save. Example: If they are under the effects of Pull Yourself Together, then each time they are struck with a slashing weapon they are allowed a DC 19 Will save to have the cut close up mere inches behind the weapon as it travels through their body. Similarly, if they are in Not Looking Down they may choose to not be flat-footed against any given attack, but after the attack resolves, they must make a DC 22 Will save or fall. In the case of the Give Bomb, Give Bundle of Dynamite, Give Box of Dynamite, and any similar maneuvers maneuvers, if the Adept loses the opposed bluff check, the object created disappears after the Adept yanks the fuse(s) out.
    My first idea was to give them full immunity to the side effects of their maneuvers, but since I consider Falling Anvil pretty powerful, I thought that would be overkill, here it is basically saving against the DC of the maneuver, but with a static 18 initiating stat. At higher levels this might become trivial, but I think that is perfectly fine, and even a 5% failure chance can induce some dramatic tension and/or caution.

    And here is my best guess at a Focused Rivalry ability:

    Falling Anvil: A Master of One using this ability gains immunity to all non-damage related effects of Falling Anvil strikes. For this purpose bypassing damage reduction is considered a damage related effect, and thus not protected against by this class feature. This includes the trip attempts of banana peels, and the rough terrain genertated by many of the higher level _______ Drop maneuvers.
    Balance-wise I am not sure of this, but since it turns the 9th level strike into a mere standard attack, I think it has strong possibilities. If it needs to be a bit stronger I could reverse the bit about DR (not useful to most Masters of One) and/or have it grant resistance to each energy type against damage from Falling Anvil maneuvers (which would be especially effective against Accursed Thunderhead since that deals both Electricity and a small amount of Sonic damage).

    EDIT: Master of One seems to be missing class-skills and skill-points per level! (Now fixed)

    EDIT^2: Added more clarifying language to the Unparalleled Mastery and Focused Rivalry stuff above.
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