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    Quote Originally Posted by DracoDei View Post
    Does the Diamond Mind Rivalry reduce the total damage taken to 0, or just remove the multiplication?
    Just removes the multiplication. I'll rephrase it to make that more clear/

    And, since it is needed, here is the Unparalleled Prowess ability for Falling Anvil (naturally we should try to complete the class for as many homebrew disciplines as possible):
    Whoa there. I think keeping it to the base 9 for right now is the best bet; if I were to make abilities for the other disciplines, things could get out of hand.

    EDIT: Master of One seems to be missing class-skills and skill-points per level!

    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaZ
    I'd maybe have the max number of maneuvers you may have known from any other discipline increase by 1 at each odd level. So up to 2 at 1, 3 at 3, and 4 at 5.
    Again, the idea is to focus on one discipline; the maneuvers from other disciplines are there mostly to allow you to get in, but once you're in you should be focusing on your favored discipline.
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