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    Quote Originally Posted by PairO'Dice Lost View Post
    Whoa there. I think keeping it to the base 9 for right now is the best bet; if I were to make abilities for the other disciplines, things could get out of hand.
    I certainly never thought it should be YOU doing very much of it, if any at all. It would be very helpful for Age of Warriors. If you think it would clog up the thread too much I can move the Falling Anvil and Adept Hunter stuff to a separate thread "Expanded Master of One", leaving only a link behind. For convenience I might copy the mechanical aspects of your class there if you wouldn't mind. All of which is basically hypothetical since, personally, I don't see any reason to move anything, I am just offering the option.

    As for the expanded list, JoshuaZ is quite right. The key reason I included that in MY PrC was that Broken Blade maneuvers have pre-requisites that include knowledge of maneuvers from OTHER disciplines.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaZ View Post
    Draco, that's going to require working out what the Focused Rivalry and Unparalleled Prowess should be for the Broken Blade. But I like the idea.
    Unparalled Prowess, yes. Focused Rivalry could be omitted at least for the moment (although doing so is kinda "lopsided"). In fact I think I know what Unparalled Prowess should be, and it helps both PrCs...

    Broken Blade: An adept of Broken Blade is normally distracted from focusing his energies by the need to study a wide variety of other paths, but a Masterís mind is unhampered by the need for such deep understanding. The maneuvers of a Master of Broken Blade have their requirements for maneuvers known from another discipline reduced by 1, to a minimum of zero.
    That might be a bit underpowered, but it certainly is a critical ability, especially for base classes that have a very limited number of maneuvers known, and/or number of disciplines they have access to.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaZ View Post
    I'd maybe have the max number of maneuvers you may have known from any other discipline increase by 1 at each odd level. So up to 2 at 1, 3 at 3, and 4 at 5.
    That would theoretically let you get the 9th level maneuvers in many disciplines (rather than just Stone Dragon and Broken Blade). For this reason going up to 4 is a bad idea, but 3 might be OK. I think that stacked with my above change, it might be good, although it still sticks you with only low-level maneuvers and stances from most disciplines. Then again, some lower level maneuvers, and, in theory, all stances, maintain their usefulness regardless of level. Key example: The saving throw replacing maneuvers of Diamond Mind (and the parallel ones in Falling Anvil).
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