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    Fallen Template

    Celestials, despite being the embodiment of holiness and virtue in the cosmos, are not infallible. As each strives to promote the cause of righteousness on behalf of the Bastions of Holiness or various goodly deities, each is regularly confronted by temptations. Everything from greed and lust, to envy and pride threatens the integrity of the celestial. Although the vast majority never yields to temptation, there are those who, for whatever reason, succumb to some fatal flaw and fall from grace. These are the fallen celestials.
    The greatest number of fallen celestials are known to have appeared during the earliest hours of the Prime Material. They were cast out of the Realms Above by the Bastions of Holiness for their pride, wickedness, and abuse of mortal creatures. However, the greatest fallen celestials were cast down after mortals populated countless worlds. Known as The Great Fall, this tribulation saw the likes of Belial, Eblis, and Triel cast out of the Lights from on High and into the Depths Below. Although some of the better known fallen celestials became terrible powers of Evil, most disappeared into obscurity, nursing their hatred against their former master and the mortals that infest the Prime even as they wallow in self-pity and despair, too proud to sincerely ask for forgiveness.
    Frequently, fallen celestials are twisted reflections of what they once were; decayed flesh, blackened or bat-like wings, red eyes and in many cases, horns. Their demeanor is typically scorned or vile in comparison to the calm or stoic nature of the celestial that came before it. Lawful good outsiders become disturbing crusaders of malignance or twisted bureaucrats, neutral good outsiders will become festering pillars of wrongness in the multiverse in anyway it's capable, and chaotic good outsiders become harbingers of death and entropy.

    Creating a Fallen creature
    "Fallen" is a template that can be added to any outsider with the Good subytpe(referred to hereafter as the base creature). A fallen creature has all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

    Size and Type: The creature retains it's size and type, but it's Good subtype is removed and replaced with the Evil subtype.

    Attack: If the fallen creature's weapons overcame damage reduction as though they were good, they now overcome it as if it were evil instead.

    Special Qualities: A fallen creature retains all the base creature’s special qualities and gains those described below.

    Damage Reduction: If the base creature had damage reduction that was only overcome by evil in some way, it shifts to being overcome by good.

    Malevolent Shift (Ex): All that was pure and right within the former celestial has been corrupt, made into it's polar opposite in every way possible. Any and all of their abilities that provide bonuses for being good, protect against evil or specifically harm evil are reversed to the opposite. If spell-like abilities the fallen celestial has include things such as holy word, it is changed to blasphemy and any smite evil ability the base creature had is now smite good(though this does not only include spell-like abilities, affecting supernatural abilities as well, such as the angel's protective aura).

    Abilities: Alter from the base creature as follows: Cha +2, Wis -2. The fall from grace will make the celestial more fierce, and slightly more detatched from reality.

    Feats: All feats the base creature has that require a good alignment are lost, and replaced either with an evil equivalent, or if there is no evil equivalent, any feat the fallen creature qualifies for.

    Organization: Typically solitary, or in some kind of congregation with other fiends and fallen celestials of an equal alignment.

    Challenge Rating: Same as base creature.

    Alignment: Always evil, but retains the same ethical alignment axis as the base creature.

    Level Adjustment: Same as base creature.
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