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You give a lot of fluff effects to the auras that are secondary, and I suggest a lot of ways of adding crunch to them. If you want to avoid all that, just say "It is just a DC -10 illusion in the minds of those in the area, and nobody outside the area can detect it at all...

Does this really fit a LE character and Bel? I don't know anything about Bel, but this doesn't seem to fit the rest of the class, except if Bel is big into commissars and such like.

Good touch... but make it ALL shields in case someone sneaks into this class without shield proficiency somehow.

A bit more work for everyone, but it is flavorful.

Give a base Listen DC (to be modified as normal for distance) for the screaming, and specify if it comes from the character, or every point of the aura (so that the distance can be figured out). If you are feeling ambitious, do similar things for the sulfur smell and scent, including tracking by scent if it doesn't completely vanish outside the range of the aura (for instance as the character is moving along, or when their is a wind).

Actually if the efffect is purely mental in nature, it could be impossible to hear outside that radius.

See above about listen stuff.

I would recommend Hide check penalties, but most GMs are anywhere NEAR that nit-picky realistic.

Change this to unbeatable SR unless you want people walking through their allies Wall of Force (which I don't recommend).

Penalty to Spot, Listen, and Search? Is the ice slippery?

Penalties to Tumble and Balance for slick/sticky ground? Or do they cancel eachother out somehow? Or is it all in your head? Penalties to resist trip and/or bull-rush attempts, especially by flying creatures which need not worry about their own footing?

Listen DCs?

What does this look like, can it be destroyed, and if so, how hard/easy is it to replace?

Note that I haven't said anything about balance one way or another.
While I appreciate you trying to put mechanical values to fluff things (purely to make the auras more flavourful), I'll just write in the class description that they don't affect mechanics in any way.

As to the two questions not answered by the above:

The idea was that if the character comes from blackguard (I understand some could not, such as evil paladins or the Disciple of Levistus from my previous thread), then they have a fiend already who they can murder to enter this class. Unearthed Arcana suggested it was a bearded devil that sponsored blackguardom, and I don't think anything stronger than an erinyes would take much an interest in mortals becoming blackguards. That being said, the disciple-in-training can easily just go out and find an imp, babau or tiefling and make friends with it, then off it.

And I do think it fits Bel, a pit fiend who clawed his way to the top. There's only one way to do that in Baator, killing the guy above you! (or getting him demoted, but Bel is a WARRIOR!!! THIS IS BAATOR!!!!)

I'll stat out a little blurb for the Standard of Bel.