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This is super flavorful and pretty sweet. The Aura's are pretty powerful and useful, but I recommend adding some more abilities so they don't feel like one trick ponies. Since Bel is the top devil in the blood war how about adding abilities designed for fighting Demons? Start with Smite Chaos (1/day at 1st level, 2/day at 5th level, 3/day at 10th level), which is just like Smite Evil or Smite Good except it affects chaotic characters. Then maybe make this class stack with Fighter levels for purposes of feats and give some fighter bonus feats, after all Fighter/Blackguard is the most likely entry. Maybe grant some sneak attack, which is thematic anyways since in the Blood War you'd be teaming up on demon's a lot, extra damage on a flank would be thematic.

Edit: Just saw some other stuff. Instead of killing a fiend you've made friendly contact with why not have it say kill a demon of CR 8 or higher or some such? Also I would add Great Cleave to the list of feats needed to get in. Scratch that last part, it would make it too difficult for non fighter entries.
Edit #2: Add improved sunder to the list of feats required to get in. That way if someone gets in without blackguard they still have to spend the same number of feats.
Added the smite chaos, and I'll work in bonus feats and sneak attack in a couple hours.

Edit 1: Okay

Edit 2: Sure to that too.