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Thread: Disciple of Bel (DnD 3.5, PEACH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir_Chivalry View Post
    Added the smite chaos, and I'll work in bonus feats and sneak attack in a couple hours.

    Edit 1: Okay

    Edit 2: Sure to that too.
    For the feats and sneak attack I recommend 3 feats and +3d6 to sneak attack by 10th level. Edit: And you might want to allow both fighter and vile feats, although I don't think there are many good vile feats anyways. Are there any in sources other than BoVD? Like those two books that update the Archfiends to 3.5, I want to call them Fiend Folio 1 and 2 but I think that's a 3.0 sourcebook... Edit 2: The post below me helped! It was Fiendish Codex I was thinking of.
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