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Difficult to say: he's a devil. They don't trust anyone, especially mortals...

Thing is, if he doesn't grant assistance, what would you be beyond a Demon-hunting-specialist in a non-good mould? Isn't that just a Hellreaver with the mark of Avernius?

I merely quibble because this really isn't in the style of the other "Disciple" classes, which were all cult leaders of one type or another, but Bel doesn't have any cults... not to mention, this guy seems to be a war leader rather than a cultist. Heck, the 3rd, 6th and 7th level auras seem connected to other lords!

I'd call this "Champion of Bel," "Student of Bel" or "General of Avernius," simply because it doesn't really do any cult stuff and seems to have flavour from the other contingents operating on Avernus.
But all the others start with Disciple of. Should I be flying in the face of what came before? There really can't be a cult to Bel, he's a warrior without much interest in anything else. But IF there were a cult, these guys would lead it. Mighty captains and generals, fell power dripping from them, leading their men in late night ceremonies in secret places. Sacrificing to the Lord of Avernus, bringing victory in battle. Souls are power in Baator, and the more souls Bel has bound to him, the more he can promote and improve his own forces. A cornugon kills more demons than a barbazu, after all. Maybe even, with enough power, get the mighty Asmodeus to part with 0.001% of his personal guard to bolster the ranks of the Blood War.