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To that I'd have to argue that of course you wouldn't emphasize combat with other disciples. I know the two that came before in my homebrew are slightly martial leaning, but that's because they are a monk class and a swashbuckler-ish class. But BEL IS WAR!!!! BLOOD AND THUNDER!!!! VICTORY AT SEA!!!

My main idea for the others is to post them as is in the BoVD, with a few tweaks beforehand if I can think of anything, and then the homebrew community, which I guess I now am a part of having homebrewed six things now, can work to better them.

Would you guys be on board?
Sure, but one problem. BoVD isn't OGL, so no copy pasta. You'd have to redux them first and post the modified version for us. They need to be upgraded to 3.5 anyways.