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Thread: Disciple of Bel (DnD 3.5, PEACH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drolyt View Post
    I'm not sure what you mean?
    I think he's refering to fair use.


    Edit: To be completly honest, I'm probably not going to do the redux for the time being. I just got laid off, and that doesn't help the creative juices. I'm going to basically go as far as changing Disciple of Darkness for Brand of the Nine Hells, and giving every class Mark of _____. Any specific suggestions about things to change for Disciples of (Asmodeus, Baalzebul, Dispater, Mammon, Mephistopholes?) Of course this quesiton assumes you have access to the BoVD.
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    Feel free to PM me if you want something PEACHed. I may not be one of the greats, but I'll do it if you ask.

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