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That's, uh, not quite correct, although I'm only familiar with American copyright law. Fair Use, where it applies, allows as much material from the source as you want, although using a smaller amount can help your Fair Use claim if it goes to court.
I'm only familiar with this stuff as a result of checking publications for University publishing. The legal department said 5% and it was kosher so i didn't question it.

Not that this is the place, it's just a throw away comment, but there's something deeply wrong with any legal system that allows someone to trademark the phrase "You're fired."

I've checked and it seems, from the boilerplate here, that Wizards have trademarked the names in specific linkage to the circles of hell and their specific physical descriptions. Were we to reorder the names, and go with a Divine Comedy route, they'd have no hold on it. Anyway...

Disciple of Asmodeus: Lord of Oppression [Satan with a slightly better haircut...]. Does scheming pretty well really, though it could probably do it better. It's spell improvement is generally in the wrong places, its capstone isn't really worth having and most of its abilities are usable too rarely to be useful.

I think that it should have the 'Aura of Fear' power that the Crimelord from Starwars Saga has, more control over its minions and a decent capstone but its flavour is pretty much in the right places.

Command at 2nd level can be replaced with Brand or Mark of Nessus without issue, i think.

Disciple of Beelzebub: Lord of Lies. This class kind of does what it sets out to do but could do it much better. Varios class features from the Dis of Mammon really belong here: the Lies ability, Non-detection and possibly Divert attack.

A few useful abilities would be the ability to create a patsy - someone onto whom the blame is shunted from the character. I'd change some of the Suggestion spells and so forth to be effects of bluff checks with higher than necessary rolls. That way, they're just passively good at creating viral lies and rumours.

Disciple of Dispater: Lord of Paranoia. This one needs some more planning type abilities. As it is, it's just a slightly pants take on the Dwarven Defender and somewhat weaker than the oft considered underpowered Defender of Sentiel.

Off hand, it needs an escape route ability, probably either Dimension Door or Word of Recall, an infinite supply of Alarm spells and preferably the ability to produce Guards and Wards in place of some of the other rubbish it's been given. Full BAB is great and makes sense but that doesn't mean that you should only have offensive type abilities...

Disciple of Mammon: King of Greed. This one is a mess, but one of the most important changes needed can be summed up as: Thieves Guild. He needs one. Big time. That should be the first damn point of call for a Greed exemplar.

The Divert abilities don't fit either Greed or Lust, so they should be replaced with something else. The Gulegon summon as a capstone is pants and doesn't make sense. His layer is a stinking mire, what does that have to do with ice devils?

For a Capstone, part of me thinks that a vault of practically infinite funds should be included, though the investment must be repaid to the vaults of Mammon within a year at x3 value... not sure how it would work but it should REALLY scream GREED whatever we come up with.

Disciple of Mephistophiles: Lord of Fire and Magic [?]. I'm going to make him [Ill gotten power] in my head. His disciples need the most work in a redux. They really don't get enough "look at what i can do" for their level...

If anything, i would have said that THIS was the full casting class. Preferably with minor powers at most levels that push it into the "innate power" area. Possibly very specific invocations.

The entry requirements on this one are the easiest of all to meet, yet those who would approach Mephistophiles, those seeking easy power are the least likely to meet them [warriors being more experience and practice than knowledge] and non warriors have to be higher level to get into this class, which would retard them into the ground, than a fighter would.

I'd say that it should grant slots [so casting progression, either innate or +1 level stype] and then have the ability to permanently expend slots to gain Invocation powers with consequences [possibly Subdual damage or something] in an expression of Faustian barginning.

Fire based of course.

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If folks would like, i'd be happy to kick out the draft of the Mephistophiles one
for it has picqued my interest mechanically...love me some Faustian Bargins...