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    Raelnar Masenothrin
    Gender: Male
    Race: Gray Elf
    Age: 652 +/- 64 (Polymorph Any Object for extended lifespan, combined with planar travel induced uncertainty)
    Alignment: Lawful Good (but see backstory)
    Class: Wizard (/Esoteric High Level Arcane Prestige)
    Power Rating: (Pretending to be) 3.7, (Actual) 6.4, (Including Equipment, see below) 7.3
    Affiliation: Neutralist Organization (Arbiter, Librarian)
    Raelnar is fairly tall for a grey elf, with a height of almost six feet. He has pale, unblemished skin, and elegant pointed ears. His posture is somewhat more rigid than most elves, but he still possesses quite a bit of their vaunted grace. His irises are gold flecked with green, and he keeps his silver hair slightly longer than shoulder length.

    When traveling, he wears functional dove-grey leather, with a slightly darker cloak. Inside, he tends to wear robes in shades of light brown, and he eschews jewelry or adornments, unless the situation calls for a specific magical item.

    His only unique feature is a string of silvery, complex sigils that constantly change and weave back and forth across his body (the Runescar). If he is focused, Raelnar can slow their movements, reduce their magical aura, and keep them from being visible (ie, on his face or hands), but in times of stress they tend to appear.

    Equipment: Runescar (see below), Staff of the Magi (hidden and malfunctioning), Portable Library (large collection of animated grimoires and semi-relevant texts, in a portable hole the size of a building), Multipurpose Chalk, Enchanted Elven Thinblade

    Abilities: Wizard Spells (currently restricting himself to 4th level and below), Exceptional Memory, Mastery of his own version of the Dewey Decimal System, Limited Facility for creating low level magical items, Basic Fencing Skills
    Raelnar was born centuries ago in an unusually disciplined grey elven arcane academy-city. He quickly mastered the basic arts of wizardry, and, after a moderately successful plane-hopping adventuring career, returned to his city to pursue research. Over the course of decades, he gradually became on of the leading members of the academy, and maintained the connections he had forged during his time among the archons of Celestia. He pioneered a natural way to extend one's life through creative use of the Polymorph Any Object spell, and oversaw the final phases of securing grey elven supremacy on their continent.

    Several years ago, the Celestial Hebdomad recruited him, along with mortal wizards from several other planes, to participate in the construction of a good-aligned artifact. Trusted for his long-time connections to the archons, Raelnar was allowed to work more or less unsupervised on his section of the project: a ring of unlimited wishes, created from a quarter of a million doses of ambrosia. As he neared completing the project after half a dozen years of work, Raelnar learned from one of his archon friends what the completed object would be: a superweapon capable of exterminating the essence of evil outsiders.

    Stunned, Raelnar paused working on the project to consider his options. Although such a weapon would pose a serious threat to the hierarchy of evil, and strike an important blow for the powers of good, the dangers were immense. The weapon was completely immune to corruption, thanks to the lengthy and laborious process, involving many rare planar convergences, through which it was being constructed. However, the mere existence of such a weapon would be enough to unite the demons and devils, ending the Blood War and sending an infinitely numerous horde ravening through the Upper Planes. Horrified, Raelnar considered every possibility in turn and ran magical simulations. They all reached one conclusion. The weapon would not be enough. Heaven would fall.

    Determined to prevent this, Raelnar resolved to destroy his section of the weapon, thus delaying the issue until the next planar convergence occurred, eons from now. However, the ring proved too powerful, and the feedback seriously warped his Staff of the Magi and knocked him unconscious. When he came to, he discovered a mobile pattern of Runes on his body: the Runescar, endowed with all the powers of the ring. Bewildered, he left Celestia mere minutes before the archons discovered the mishap, and returned to his home city.

    Using the powers of the Runescar, he inundated his home with layer upon layer of protective spells. However, it was not enough. Erathaol the Seer came in person from Celestia to retrieve the Runescar, and the defenses were not enough to stop him. There were, tragically, enough to challenge the paragon, causing a massive arcane backlash that utterly destroyed the city, as well as Raelnar's feline familiar Saro. The Runescar saved Raelnar who, heartbroken, fled across the planes before eventually finding the wonderfully morphic universe of ACRONYMIA.

    Today, Raelnar does not dare to use the Runescar under any circumstances, although its contingent protections around him still remain. Similarly, he has avoided using his higher level spells in the hopes of maintaining a low magical profile. He is convinced that he did the right thing by saving the multiverse from a devil-demon alliance, but guilt plagues him over the destruction of his home. One final possibility haunts him: Erathaol is a supremely intelligent being. Could he have found a scenario that Raelnar overlooked?

    Miscellaneous: Conflicted alignment, devoted to balance, can be almost as long-winded as the above backstory.
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