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    Seropaenean Avenger

    "They think we can be eradicated like some sort of vermin. That our lives don't matter, simply because their gods disapprove of our powers because even they cannot understand them. Let them try, I say. Let them see firsthand the force they face!"

    ~ Darole Dusksmasher, a Seropaenean Avenger

    They are the hunted, the hated, the feared. Framed by the gods themselves as the perpetrators of a grand scheme against all of reality, Binders are slain in cold blood in the name of the divine; beings who offer them ruin for their particular way of life, who stand for justice but provide no such boon, whose only prescription for Pact Magic is death.

    No Binder is willing to lay down and die. Against insurmountable odds and endless streams of resources dedicated to their eradication, the Pact Mages of the world have survived; never thrived, but they continue to exist, which is more then can be said for the Vestiges they call upon for power. And it is through this contact with Vestiges that some Binders believe that the ultimate protector from divinity can be called into being. This protection comes in the form of Seropaenes, one of the many lost souls that was transformed into a Vestige.

    Seropaenes is a Vestige of contradictions and irony. He dedicated his life to the annihilation of Binders only to become a Vestige himself when none of the patron gods of his Order would accept him into their heavens. His mind warped by whatever terrible place that Vestiges "exist" in, only his hatred for the gods remained and as such he was more then delighted to aid a particularly diligent pair of Binder brothers who sought a permanent end to the many agents of the Order of Seropaenes that killed off any who so much as owned a tome referencing the arts of Pact Magic. With the aid of this Vestige, the two Binders were able to delve deeper into the realm of Vestiges then any before them, and more miraculously, they emerged with their minds intact. The two brothers used their newfound powers to form an order of their own. Built on the might of Seropaenes, the Order would serve not only as a bastion of hope for all those who practiced Binding, but also as a grim mockery of the Order that Seropaenes created in life. This order was called the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance, and its most powerful members are known as Seropaenean Avengers.

    The Seropaenean Order of Vengeance does not care for morality; their only concern is the protection and avenging of those who have been persecuted for their practices. Occasionally the Order will come to the aid of non-Binders, but usually their code applies only to those who practice Pact Magic. In order to gain the powers required to protect their brethren and destroy their enemies, the Seropaenean Avengers all take an Oath upon joining the Order that permanently sacrifices a small portion of their soul to Seropaenes; he forever gains a taste of reality through the Order's many eyes and in return the Avengers gain the aspects of the Vestiges, allowing them to defy reality as we cherish it.


    Those who join the Seropaenean Avengers usually possess two key aspects; a considerable knowledge of Pact Magic and a tragic story of cruelty, assassination, and mock trials in the name of the gods. Most Seropaenean Avengers have been wronged by the Order of Seropaenes, and in order to prevent other Binders from suffering the wrath of this Order they take upon themselves the burdening mantle of the Seropaenean Avengers. However, the touch of the Vestiges is maddening, and not all Avengers maintain this noble purpose throughout their careers, nor do many care when they loose it. In pursuing this career path, virtually all Avengers become Vestiges made flesh; emotionless and alien.

    Prerequisites: In order to take levels in the Seropaenean Avenger prestige class, a character must meet the following prerequisites:

    Alignment: Any non-Lawful.
    Binding: Must be able to Bind Seropaenes.
    Feats: Favored Vestige with Seropaenes.
    Skills: Knowledge (The Planes) 6 ranks.
    Special: Initiation into the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance. In addition to the requirements listed above, the candidate for the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance must prove their dedication in some way, shape, or form. This dedication takes the form of a gift; perhaps the bloodied Holy Symbol of an oppressive Cleric or the head of a Witch Slayer. Such orders are often given to the Binder by Seropaenes himself when the candidate is bound to him.


    Base Attack Bonus
    Fortitude Save
    Reflex Save
    Will Save

    01 | +0 | +2 | +0 | +2 | Oath of the Seropaenean Avenger, Sense the Touched, Soul Binding +1
    02 | +1 | +3 | +0 | +3 | First Gift, Soul Binding +2
    03 | +2 | +3 | +1 | +3 | Empower Gift 1/Day, Soul Binding +3
    04 | +3 | +4 | +1 | +4 | Second Gift, Soul Binding +4
    05 | +3 | +4| +1 | +4 | Hallowed Might, Soul Binding +5
    06 | +4 | +5 | +2 | +5 | Empower Gift 2/Day, Soul Binding +6, Third Gift
    07 | +5 | +5 | +2 | +5 | Assault from Naught, Soul Binding +7
    08 | +6/+1 | +6 | +2 | +6 | Fourth Gift, Soul Binding +8
    09 | +6/+1 | +6 | +3 | +6 | Empower Gift 3/Day, Soul Binding +9
    10 | +7/+2 | +7 | +3 | +7 | Fifth Gift, Soul Binding +10, Twilight's Dancing Thorns[/table]

    Hit Dice: d8

    Skill Points: 2 + your Intelligence Modifier
    Class Skills: Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Decipher Script (Int), Gather Information (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge {Arcana} (Int), Knowledge {History} (Int), Knowledge {Religion} (Int), Knowledge {The Planes} (Int), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis)

    Weapon Proficiencies: A Seropaenean Avenger gains no new weapon proficiencies for taking levels in this prestige class.

    Soul Binding: At each Seropaenean Avenger level, your soul binding ability improves as if you had also gained a level in the Binder class. Thus, your Seropaenean Avenger levels and your Binder levels stack for determining your bonus on Binding checks, the effectiveness of your Vestige-granted abilities, your ability to bind higher-leveled Vestiges, and the number of Vestiges you can bind. You do not, however, gain any other benefits a Binder would have gained.

    Oath of the Seropaenean Avenger: Upon taking their first level in this Prestige Class, a Seropaenean Avenger must swear an unbreakable oath before the members of the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance. While this Oath contains minor peculiarities such as 'defend the right to practice Pact Magic,' the Order's primary purpose is to completely destroy the clergies of Heironeous, Cuthbert, Vecna, and Wee Jas. The Avengers take this oath not only to sate the blood lust of their patron Vestige, Seropaenes himself, but to dismantle the Order he created; the Order of Seropaenes.

    A Seropaenean Avenger agrees to allow the Vestige Seropaenes permanent residence within their soul in exchange for his boons. A Seropaenean Avenger must always be bound to Seropaenes, and as part of taking this oath, they make a Pact with Seropaenes, similar in nature to a normal Binder's Pact, except they permanently surrender part of their soul to the bitter Vestige. After completing this Pact, a Seropaenean Avenger's Pact with Seropaenes has no duration; it does not end after 24 hours. In addition, Seropaenes cannot be parted from the Avenger's soul by normal means; not even a wish, miracle, or the Expel Vestige feat can remove Seropaenes from the Avenger's soul. If, for some reason, Seropaenes is removed from the Avenger's soul, they lose all Supernatural benefits of taking levels in this class, but the Avenger can simply reforge the Oath of the Seropaenian Avenger by performing a Pact as described for the binding of any other Vestige, though they cannot make a rushed pact to regain their Seropaenian Avenger class features. Being bound to Seropaenes in this manner counts against the total number of Vestiges the Seropaenean Avenger can bind, based on their Effective Binder Level. In addition, a Seropaenean Avenger is always treated as having made a good pact with Seropaenes and can manifest or hide his sign at will.

    Sense the Touched (Su): Through the teachings of Seropaenes and the peculiar effects that having the permanent residence of a Vestige within one's soul has upon the mind, the Seropaenean Avengers have developed a sixth sense about Divine Spellcasters. An Avenger describes the sensation as being constantly surrounded by a blanket of cool air which bursts into a painful, scorching heat whenever such an individual approaches. The Seropaenean Avenger gains Blindsense out to 25 feet, though this sense only detects creatures with powerful auras that are aligned with either Chaos, Evil, Good, or Law, such as a character with levels in a divine spellcasting class such as Cleric, Favored Soul, Paladin, or a creature heavily aligned with such a cosmic force, such as an angel or demon.

    The Nine Gifts of Seropaenes (Su): The Seropaenean Avengers are unique in that unlike any other creature, they have a permanent view into the exact processes, ideals, and conditions of a Vestige. While this is just as much a curse as it is a blessing, it does allow the Avenger to draw upon a number of special powers that emulate the conditions of the Vestiges in their natural form. Starting at 2nd level and at every even-numbered level thereafter, the Avenger selects one of the Nine Gifts of Seropaenes listed below. Each gift lists three specific hallows; special abilities that function similarly to spells.

    In order to use their hallows, an Avenger must ready them. Doing so takes five minutes of uninterrupted introspection, in which the Avenger observes the world of the Vestiges through Seropaenes's senses. The Avenger can ready a number of hallows equal to their Seropaenean Avenger level (maximum 10 at 10th level). After readying them, the Avenger can utilize them as a standard action unless noted otherwise. Once a hallow has been used, it becomes exhausted for 5 rounds. After 5 rounds has passed, the hallow automatically readies itself, allowing it to be used once more (the Rapid Recovery feat reduces this cooldown to 4 rounds). Each time a hallow is used, a charge is deducted from the Avenger's Hallow Pool. A Hallow Pool has a number of charges equal to the Avenger's Effective Binder Level, and once all of its charges run out the Avenger cannot use any more hallows for the remainder of the day.

    An Avenger must have 8 hours of rest in order to replenish their Hallow Pool. After selecting their hallows for the day, an Avenger can reselect their hallows by taking five more minutes of uninterrupted introspection, though this does not replenish their Hallow Pool.

    An Avenger can ready any hallows he or she knows. In many cases, a hallow references a type of effect called a ward. Wards, as generated by hallows, are powerful abjuration-like effects (though they are still considered supernatural abilities) that protect the Avenger. An Avenger can only ever have one ward effect active at a time, and activating a new ward cancels the old one. All hallows are supernatural abilities.

    Gift of Abolishment: The Vestiges, while exiles in their own right, all exist in a state of terrifying freedom. This freedom grants them free reign to change virtually everything about themselves, free from every rule and law. A Seropaenean Avenger can use these hallows to free themselves from virtually all earthly bonds.
    • Break the Bonds: The unreal nature of the Vestiges makes them literally impossible to capture, even to the gods. A Seropaenean Avenger can embrace this aspect of the Vestiges to do the same. This hallow functions identically to a freedom of movement spell cast with a caster level equal to your Effective Binder Level. Unlike freedom of movement, however, this hallow has a range of Personal. If Break the Bonds is empowered, you are treated as being under the effects of a Haste spell until the end of the turn you empower Break the Bonds on.
    • Crack the Conditions: It is laughable to even imagine that things like bright light or an upset tummy are even tangible sensory inputs to a Vestige, and by channeling the Gift of Abolishment, a Seropaenean Avenger can assume protection from such effects. This hallow places a ward around the Avenger for one round per Effective Binder Level they possess. While this ward is in effect, the next condition that places a negative penalty on the Avenger or limits their actions is automatically removed as if by a heal spell (you do not gain hit points when using Crack the Conditions). This ward only prevents one condition from affecting you, and if a condition you are immune to targets you while you are under the effect of this ward, the ward is not expended because that condition poses no threat to you. If Crack the Conditions is empowered, it protects a you from a number of conditions equal to your Wisdom modifier or until the ward expires.
    • Smash the Supernatural: The Vestiges are not natural beings; each of them was created in a freak accident or spawned in a way that would make any normal mortal's mind explode into madness. As such, they aren't hampered by supernatural effects, and a Seropaenean Avenger can tap into this property to ignore supernatural powers for a time. This hallow places a ward around the Avenger for one round per Effective Binder Level they possess. While this ward is active, if another creature's supernatural ability targets the Avenger, they can attempt a Wisdom check (1d20 + your Wisdom modifier) against the opposed creature's Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma check (their choice). Success makes the Avenger immune to that supernatural ability for the supernatural ability's duration. An Avenger can check against a supernatural ability each time it targets them, so long as their ward is active. If Smash the Supernatural is empowered, it causes you to automatically succeed on your ward's next Wisdom check.

    Gift of Alienation: Despite what they might have once been, Vestiges are no longer mortal or divine. Their thoughts have been or are warped into ideals and goals unlike those of any creature in the mortal realms. A Seropaenean Avenger can tap into the alien minds of Vestiges to fortitfy their own minds and bodies against that which would seek to manipulate, damage, or control them.
    • Alien Mind: Prolonged insight into the world of the Vestiges can drive any creature mad, and it is only through the guidance of Seropaenes that a Seropaenean Avenger is able to survive mere glimpses of this world with their sanity intact. These views, however, alter the Avenger's mind, and by utilizing those alterations, an Avenger can shield themselves. This hallow places a ward around the Avenger for one round per Effective Binder Level they possess. While this ward is active, any abilities that affect a specific type of creature (such as Charm Person), are based off of such an ability (such as Dominate Monster), or have no effect against specific types of creatures do not function against the Avenger. Unlike with other hallows, an Avenger can empower Alien Mind as an immediate action. Doing so allows the Avenger to activate Alien Mind as part of that immediate action instead of as a standard action.
    • Alien Physiology: As this hallow is activated, your body shifts slightly, irritating you briefly. Skin hardens, organs shift, and weak spots are weak no more. This hallow alters the body of the Avenger slightly for one round per Effective Binder Level they possess. While this hallow is active, the Binder becomes immune to the following conditions: poisons, diseases, blinding effects, deafening effects, paralysis, sickened and nauseated, stunning effects, critical hits, and all forms of precision damage. If Alien Physiology is empowered, you become immune to the next source of nonlethal damage, fatigue, or exhaustion that effects you, or until the ward's effect ends.
    • Alien Processing: Similarly to the Alien Physiology hallow, this hallow alters the functioning of your body at a microscopic level, fueling it with energies that would baffle the minds of the greatest scholars. After activating this hallow, you no longer require food, water, sleep, or even breath. If you were starving, drowning, or suffocating when you used this hallow, you no longer suffer those penalties, and your body is treated as being freshly feed, watered, and rested, and the number of rounds until you start taking damage from suffocating is reset. This hallow does not refresh your Hallow Pool, spells per day, power points, or any other condition that requires a period of rest; you still require 8 hours of little to no straining activity in order to regain your hallow uses. This hallow lasts for one round per Effective Binder Level that the Seropaenean Avenger possesses. If Alien Processing is empowered, then the number of rounds the hallow is active for doubles. Each time this hallow is empowered, this doubled duration resets to its maximum number of rounds (double your Effective Binder Level) from whenever it was previously at; empowering Alien Processing does not simply add on a number of rounds.

    Gift of Apathy: While none know for sure, no Binder has ever noted any type of true emotion from a Vestige. While they may display traits such as anger or sorrow, no one is sure if they are truly capable of such thought or if mortals merely attribute their meanings to the Vestige's actions. Their minds are alien and their hearts without compassion. A Seropaenean Avenger can tap into this aspect of a Vestige in order to shield their minds and bodies from the pains of the world and inspire fear in their emotional foes.
    • Aura of Apathy: With some training, a Seropaenean Avenger can use the apathy of the Vestiges to reduce the emotional state of creatures around them into a similar state. This hallow affects all intelligent creatures (Intelligence 3 or higher) within 20 feet + 10 feet per Effective Binder Level you possess. Creatures affected by this ability must make a Will Save; a successful save allows them to ignore the effect for that round, but on a failed Save, a creature becomes completely apathetic to their surroundings; they simply see no point in taking actions and cannot make any actions during their round unless threatened. The Avenger who uses this hallow is not affected by it. This aura lasts for 1 minute per Effective Binder Level or until it is cancelled (a free action). At the start of each of its rounds, a creature affected by this hallow is entitled to another Will Save against this power; a failed Save causes them to continue to be apathetic to their surroundings. Attacks made against apathetic creatures gain no special bonuses, as a creature affected by this aura is fully capable of defending itself and will do so. If a creature that becomes apathetic because of this hallow is attacked in any way, they automatically succeed on their Will Save against this hallow during their next round. While this hallow is active, an Avenger cannot use any other hallows, and he or she must wait 5 rounds before using another hallow after Aura of Apathy ends (4 if they have the Rapid Recovery feat). If Aura of Apathy is empowered, creatures within the Aura's area are constantly treated as being under the effects of a calm emotions spell, even if they succeeded on their Saving Throw or break out of their apathy in some way.
    • Emotional Breakdown: The mind is a fickle thing, and with similar technique to the apathetic powers of the Vestiges, an Avenger can inspire overwhelming emotions within a creature. This hallow requires a touch attack as part of activating it. If your touch attack succeeds, select one of the following emotions and apply its effect to the creature (no Saves are allowed against this effect). In order to be affected, a creature must have an Intelligence score of 3 or greater. All of these effects last until the end of the encounter. A creature can choose to allow you to touch them, in which case your touch attack automatically succeeds. If Emotional Breakdown is empowered, this ability becomes a ray, allowing you to make a ranged touch attack instead of a touch attack to infuse a creature with a powerful emotion.
    • Anger: Selecting this emotion sends the creature into an intense rage that cannot be stopped. The creature gains the benefit of the Rage class feature (as a 1st Level Barbarian) with the exception that the effect lasts for 3 rounds regardless of their Constitution modifier.
  2. Courage: Selecting this emotion protects the creature from fear and makes their attacks strike true. The creature gains a +4 morale bonus on Saving Throws against fear effects and a +1 bonus to attack rolls per four Effective Binder Levels you possess.
  • Despair: Selecting this emotion drains all of the cheer from the creature, sending them into a depression. This ability works exactly like the crushing despair spell cast with a caster level equal to your Effective Binder Level.
  • Fear: The creature is forced into a panic at the mere sight of you. The creature becomes panicked. This ability is a fear-inducing effect.
  • Joy: The creature becomes intoxicated with joy, causing them to loose focus in the midst of combat. The creature takes a -1 penalty on all skill checks and attack rolls they make per five Effective Binder Levels you possess.
  • Mind Devolution: It takes only a little bit of poking and proding to force the mind back into an bestial, primal state of existence. With the power of the Vestiges, it is a trivial task for the Seropaenean Avengers. You can use this hallow on a creature within 10 feet of you per Effective Binder Level you possess. A creature you use this hallow on must make a Will Save or have their Intelligence and Charisma permanently reduced to 1. The creature is unable to to use Intelligence- or Charisma-based skills, cast spells, manifest powers, initiate maneuvers, understand language, or communicate coherently. Still, the creature knows who its friends are and can follow them and even protect them. The subject remains in this state until a heal, limited wish, or a similar spell or effect is used to cancel the effect of the Devolution. A creature that can cast spells of any kind takes a -4 penalty on its Saving Throw. Unlike other hallows, Mind Devolution cannot be empowered and it can only be used once per encounter.

  • Gift of the Faithless: The Vestiges are beings damned by the gods. Many of them have been ostracized by the divine; thrown into the nooks of the multiverse for all time like a child's toy to be long forgotten. Others are the spirits of deities who find themselves unable to rest in the god's graveyard on the Astral Plane. In all cases, the Vestiges have no observance for the gods, and as such, their powers do not affect them. Perhaps the most potent of the tools in a Seropaenean Avenger's repeitoire, the Gift of the Faithless allows an Avenger to disrupt the abilities of spellcasters.

    Gift of the Hollow: The Seropaenean Avenger has personal insight to the state of emptiness that Vestiges live in. Their everlasting bond to Seropaenes pulls at their hearts, minds, and bodies, sapping them of their strength, endurance, and will if their courage or determination ever falters. The Gift of the Hollow not only weakens and hampers the Avenger's foes, but it also provides a measure of relief from these tormenting pains; if only for a moment. The Gifts of the Hollow allow the Avenger to drain the very essences vital to life from their foes.

    Gift of Naught: The Seropaenean Avenger's state of serfdom to Seropaenes gives them a glimpse into the realm of the Vestiges; a world that never was with creatures that couldn't exist. It is this power, the force of absolute nothingness, that the Gift of Naught provides a Seropaenian Avenger. The hallows of the Gift of Naught provide an Avenger with the ability to create things that shouldn't be and pierce through all forms of defense with power that never existed in the first place.

    Gift of Timelessness: To the Vestiges, time has no meaning. The mortal world trickles by without even acknowledging their existence, and the Vestiges do the same; completely indifferent to the plights of mortals. The Gift of Timelessness allows a Seropaenean Avenger to treat time with the same indifference as a Vestige, making time all but stand still for them entirely.

    Gift of the Untouched: The Vestiges are set apart from all other beings. Neither living nor dead, the Vestiges do not exist in the way any other being does, and it is this state that makes them untouched by the mortal concept of reality. The Seropaenean Avenger can tap into this state of being to defy virtually all of the conventional laws of physics.

    Gift of the Untraced: The Vestiges exist beyond reality, and therefore no power, regardless of its nature, can hope to successfully monitor or trace them. Tapping into this power is among the most useful of the powers of the Seropaenean Avengers, allowing them to effortlessly avoid detection by their enemies.

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