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    Empower Gift (Su): The "gifts" a Seropaenean Avenger receives from being permanently bound to Seropaenes are many, and with a bit of personal power, they can empower those gifts, gaining additional powers regardless of how briefly. As a standard action unless noted otherwise, an Avenger can Empower a hallow. The effects of each hallow when they are empowered differ from hallow to hallow, as are the exact timing when an Avenger can empower them. Some hallows can be empowered for a short time while they are already active, and others can only be empowered when they are first utilized. There is no true rule when it comes to the effects, durations, and activation time of an empowered hallow, just as no rules exist regarding Vestiges. At 3rd level, an Avenger can empower one hallow per day; the number of times the Avenger can empower hallows increases by 1 at every third level, to a maximum of three times per day at 9th level. You gain the extraordinary special qualities and attacks of your new form, but not any supernatural abilities, spell-like abilities, or power-like abilities.

    Hallowed Might (Su): A Seropaenean Avenger's Hallow Pool is directly connected to the realm of the Vestiges, and the alien energies that power their hallows can be used to empower the abilities an Avenger's Vestiges grant them. At 5th level, an Avenger can select a Supernatural Ability that a Vestige granted them through the Soul Binding ability that is currently exhausted; meaning that it cannot be used again for any number of rounds. An Avenger can end that cooldown, instantly readying the ability, by expending one charge from their Hallow Pool.

    Assault by Naught (Su): A place of improbability and chaos, magic is speculated to behave differently in the realm of the Vestiges. By 7th level, a Seropaenean Avenger's mere touch is enough to wreck the magical energies within spellcasters, causing them great pain. As a standard action, you can attempt to smite a creature with the ability to cast spells or manifest powers. Make a single attack roll at your highest attack bonus; if your attack is successful, you deal additional damage equal to your Effective Binder Level. This damage is not affected by effects that reduce or absorb damage. After using this ability, you cannot use it again for 5 rounds (4 if you have the Rapid Recovery feat).

    Twilight's Dancing Thorns (Su): The ultimate technique of the Seropaenean Avengers utilizes the life energy of their foes; more specifically, the destruction of it. Starting at 10th level, whenever a Seropaenean Avenger deals damage to a creature, their life force bleeds out of their wounds. The near symbiotic association that Seropaenean Avengers have with Vestiges and the energies associated with those Vestiges corrupts this life force, transforming it into twilight thorns. Each time an Avenger deals damage to a creature, twilight thorns wrap around the creature, ensnaring it with deadly thorns that make it painful for the creature to move. The creature moves as if every square they move into had caltrops within it, with the following exceptions. The Twilight Thorns gain a bonus to their attack roles made against the creature equal to the Avenger's Base Attack Bonus and the Twilight Thorns have a Strength score equal to the Avenger's Effective Binder Level (maximum 20). Also, shoes and deflection bonuses provide no bonus to Armor Class against Twilight Thorns. Finally, Twilight Thorns deal damage equal to 25 plus their Strength modifier and minus the affected creature's Armor Class (excluding any dodge or deflection bonuses). Subsequent attacks on the same creature have no addition effect, but an Avenger can affect as many creatures with Twilight Thorns as they can wound in combat. Attacks made by Twilight Thorns are supernatural, and thus are treated as Magical Attacks for the purpose of overcoming Damage Reduction. Because of their nature, so long as a creature was damaged by an attack made by an Avenger, the thorns will manifest. This means that incorporeal and ethereal creatures are affected by Twilight Thorns as if they did not possess those subtypes.


    The Seropaenean Avengers are the scions of creatures that shouldn't be, wrestling with powers that cannot exist, and changing the world around them in ways that are impossible. At least, this is according to the various faiths of the world. Regardless of whether or not the Seropaenean Avenger's benefactors exist or not, their hallows and the effects they produce are very real and in many cases, hallows replicate the effects of potent spells and powers, or even produce effects that are completely unheard of. Reality is the sandbox of the Seropaenean Avenger. It is fortunate then that even the most black-hearted of Seropaenean Avengers have an outlet for their terrible powers in the form of the Order of Seropaenes. The Seropaenean Avengers are completely sworn to the destruction of the Order of Seropaenes, and so long as that Order exists, the Avengers continue to focus the vast majority of their resources and powers in an effort to thwart them. What the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance would seek to accomplish should the Order of Seropaenes ever fall is a terrifying thought indeed, given their moral ambiguity.

    Combat: Seropaenean Avengers, ironically, fight in a fashion extremely similarly to the divine spellcasters that they seek to destroy. Their hallows must be prepared in advanced and they are activated in a manner similar to spells. The similarities end here, however, as hallows produce a wide variety of supernatural effects, some of which cannot be replicated by spells or powers. In addition, an Avenger can empower their hallows a limited number of times per day to produce even more devastating effects. The most powerful of Avengers can Smite enemy mages and produce bizarre phenomena that few foes have ever faced, and fewer still survive the onslaught brought forth by a Seropaenean Avenger.
    Advancement: Seropaenean Avengers have many different paths they can walk as they progress through the class. They gain access to five of nine powerful Gifts; these gifts contain the aspects of the Vestiges and each gift grants three powerful hallows to the Avenger. The Avenger's abilities in combat are completely based on the Vestiges they bind themselves to and the hallows they select to add to themselves. An Avenger must have some experience as a Binder, but they do have a small amount of room for exploration; they can multiclass into other classes though most Avengers are so zealous to the Vestige Seropaenes that they do not consider walking any other path of life.
    Resources: A Seropaenean Avenger has access to the most deadly power in the universe; the unknown. Their affinity with Vestiges surpasses that of even the most schooled Binders, and their hallows are powers that are all but completely unheard of. In addition to the element of surprise, Seropaenean Avengers have the full support of their Order, the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance. The Order itself is small, but the entirety of the Binder community offers tribute to the Order in exchange for the protection they provide from the Order of Seropaenes effectively granting Seropaenean Avengers at least the partial support of the entire Pact Magic community.


    "They are abominations of the worst kind. They not only consort with the most damned of spirits, but they tear their souls asunder to allow the damned permanent residence within themselves! In this act, they become inhuman in the eyes of the gods; they are no better then mindless animals, hungry for power and nothing more and they should be exterminated as such."

    ~ Rayven Duskender, a Seropaenean Exorcist, about the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance.

    The existence of Binders is a well-guarded secret by the various clergies of the world. If word got out about an easily accessible means to power, all priests agree that it would only be a matter of time before scores of people left the paths of the gods to worship creatures that are completely apathetic to their existence. The temptation of power would cause the gods to fall from their divine thrones and possibly raise the Vestiges up into those vacant places of honor. Adamant to prevent this from happening, most clergies use their influence to arrest Binders and turn them over to the Order of Seropaenes, who commit unspeakable crimes upon suspected Binders. These actions have silenced the Binder's tongues in an effort to protect themselves, and the spread of Pact Magic has been slow. However, if Binders are difficult to find in the world, Seropaenean Avengers are neigh impossible; no documents of the Order's existence have ever been discovered and their deeds are passed around merely by word of mouth. In addition, the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance has little to no presence in the world aside from the neigh undetected war being waged by the churches of the world against Pact Magic. On that battlefield, the Seropaenean Avengers are the stalwart defenders of Pact Magic, seen as a symbol for the fundamental right to knowledge and learning. The Avengers, naturally, see themselves as nothing of the sort after a healthy length of time diving into the deepest secrets of the Vestiges; their presence is one for the survival of their way of life and to prevent those that cannot exist from fading entirely.

    Daily Life: Where the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance makes its headquarters if such a place even exists is unknown. The life of the Seropaenean Avengers is a mysterious one; they typically do not comment much on their activities, silently destroying those that attempt to suppress Pact Magic. Those who do share their lives mention the importance of introspection, and in the case of the Seropaenean Avenger, that introspection is peering within the sliver of Seropaenes's soul that becomes imprinted upon their own. That sliver is a window into the world of the Vestiges, and many Binder Scholars theorize that the sliver's existence places an otherworldly "draft" upon the Avenger's soul. This draft changes the Avenger's mind and heart and many believe that over time, an Avenger looses their mortality. Legends claim that the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance is, to this day, lead by the original Binder Brothers who made the first Oath of the Seropaenean Avenger countless years ago and that the presence of the Vestiges removes all that is human from an Avenger until nothing but a hollow shell of a creature remains, filled with the alien apathy of the Vestiges.
    Notable: The most notable of the Seropaenean Avengers are the twin brothers Altros and Voydin. According to legends, in their youth the two boys stumbled upon an ancient shrine filled with the workings of Syfal himself and it was through those documents that Altros and Voydin were able to master the arts of Pact Magic. The youths began showcasing their powers to the local members of their home village, impressing others with their amazing abilities but never revealing their source. It wasn't long, however, until the agents of the Order of Seropaenes got wind of the occurrences in that small village and one afternoon, when the boys were out of town to conduct business in another town, traveled to the village and razed it to the ground for all of its inhabitants were "tainted" by their knowledge. When the boys returned home, they found everything and everyone they had ever loved burned to ash. The shrine they had learned Pact Magic from had been defiled, leaving them with nothing but the meager supplies they procured on their trip. Both young men vowed to destroy the people responsible for their suffering, and over time they uncovered the Order of Seropaenes, the community of Binders, and Seropaenes, already a Vestige. With glimpses into their souls, Seropaenes struck the bargain with the boys that would become the first Oath of the Seropaenean Avenger, transforming them into the first of the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance and obliterating their humanity, turning them into willing instruments of revenge for both Seropaenes and their own rage.
    Organizations: All Seropaenean Avengers belong to the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance. This secret Order is among the most elusive organizations to walk the face of the multiverse because of the people who inhabit it and the nature of their work. The Order is theorized to have no true headquarters or location; instead its members rotate and patrol the world for acts of injustice. Its members rarely commune, but when they do, bloodshed is sure to occur as they only gather for massive battles against the Order of Seropaenes. Such events have occurred only four times in all of history and all these battles occured as the "behind-the-scenes" reason for major wars between rivaling kingdoms; the entirety of their conflict is considered a state secret by all clergies. While only this four major conflicts are written into modern history, there is little doubt by those who know of either Order's existence that there have been countless other battles through the ages.


    To most people, Seropaenean Avengers appear to be little more then oddities; strange travelers who are lacking in mannerisms and have a peculiar air about them. Those that know of Binder lore, however, become suspicious by the lack of emotion displayed by a Seropaenean Avenger, and those among the Order of Seropaenes are quick to inspect such people. Those who know the identity of a Seropaenean Avenger and their reason for existance act differently depending on how they view the conflict between Binders and the clergies of the world. Binders are likely to exalt a Seropaenean Avenger, especially one who has not been completely drained of their humanity yet. Those among the Order of Seropaenes; especially those belonging to the Seropaenean Exorcists, are both frightened and enraged by the presence of a Seropaenean Avenger; one of the ultimate champions of Pact Magic. When such people meet, the encounter can only end in death.


    Seropaenean Avengers can only be incorporated into a world that includes Pact Magic, but other then that, they are extremely flexible in their implementation. Seropaenean Avengers despise all of those who attempt to repress Pact Magic and can fight any Order that attempts to destroy Binders, though they work best in a campaign that incorporates their arch-nemesis, the Order of Seropaenes and its elite soldiers, the Seropaenean Exorcists. While the Avengers do not require either this organization or its corresponding class to use, these two additions greatly add to the level of secrecy that is required to live in the Binder community.

    Encounters: Seropaenean Avengers are most likely to be encountered at or near the scene of battle. They usually strive to protect Binders from those who would repress their arts, but they have been known to protect the rights of others in rare cases. Seropaenean Avengers aren't easily recruited to fight, as they have little care for material goods and their apathetic souls care even less for the lives of others. Seropaenean Avengers will fight against any who attempt to aid another in repression, and those who aid the Order of Seropaenes, willing or not, are as good as dead.
    Lore: A character with ranks in either Knowledge {Arcana} or Knowledge {Religion} can research Seropaenean Avengers to learn more about them.
    DC 10 or Less: A result of 10 or less means the character knows nothing about the Seropaenean Order of Vengeance or Seropaenean Avengers.
    DC 15: There are tales of warriors with the ability to warp reality with powers that cannot possibly exist. They are known to clash with powerful religious groups.
    DC 20: Seropaenean Avengers are a mockery of a reputed organization called the Order of Seropaenes. According to myth, the Avengers have a series of gifts that allow them to use powers that simply cannot exist by all knowledgeable conventions.
    DC 25: Seropaenean Avengers are powerful Binders; practitioners of Pact Magic that use an eternal pact with a specific Vestige to gain traits of the Vestiges to wield in battle.
    DC 30" A result of 30 or higher allows the character to research specific Seropaenean Avengers and uncovers the history of Seropaenes and all theories surrounding him.

    Seropaenes, The Damned Exalted

    Seropaenes was betrayed by the very gods he sought to serve. As a Vestige, he grants the ability to utilize the weapons of the gods that betrayed him, shrug off the powers of their devoted, and fire a glaring ray of judgement from his sign.

    Legend: In ages long past, a scholar by the name of Syfal found a series of ancient documents that told of a pantheon of powerful spirits that he had never heard of, that dwelt in a place that couldn't exist, and that were beyond the grasps of the gods themselves. Taking it upon himself to preach the word of these beings, news quickly spread throughout the mortal realm of Syfal and his 'Vestiges.' Scholars were astounded by the paradoxical nature of the Vestgies, and commoners were amazed at the simplicity of Syfal's Pact Magic and the extraordinary might that the summoned beings supplied.

    The world's clergies, however, were horrified. Priests quickly noted that the number of attendees at their services slowly began to dwindle, and many correctly suspected that practitioners of Pact Magic began revering the spirits that they summoned. It became apparent to many a clergyman that not only were these 'Vestiges' vile, god-damned beings, but that if something was not done, the Vestiges might rise in power to rival or even overshadow the gods. Luckily for the clergies, a certain High Priest of Vecna had a course of action in mind.

    This high priest was named Seropaenes, and he was seen as the favored of Vecna. Seropaenes screamed to the high priests of every clergy that their gods demanded a call to arms to stop the "vile, occult threat." However, only the high priests of three other gods heard his call: the High Priests of Heironeous, St. Cuthbert, and Wee Jas. With his silver tongue, Seropaenes was able to convince the high priests to form a secret cult known as the Order of Seropaenes. Forged through hatred, bitter enemies of conflicting faiths united under the banner of the Order of Seropaenes to dispose of the "true" threat; those who practiced Pact Magic.

    Modern scholars will tell an inquiring mind that the Order of Seropaenes disappeared from the annals of history save for several small texts mentioning them in passing. Most will tell you the order has been abolished, but Binder Scholars know this to be false; they can prove the existence of the Order of Seropaenes with the bodies of their brothers and sisters. The other mote of evidence that Binders possess comes in the most reliable form possible: Seropaenes himself.

    While the exploits of Seropaenes can be explained by any well-versed Bard, it is his existence after his death that interests the Binders. While Heironeous, St. Cuthbert, Vecna, and Wee Jas allowed their followers to band together until the banner of the Order of Seropaenes, they were by no means allies. Over the years of service he gave to the Order that bore his name,
    Seropaenes's allegiances changed. He embraced all of the four deity's teachings equally, his entire focus becoming the destruction of Pact Magic and those who practice it. Upon his death, however, none of the four deities would take Seropaenes into their realm; each of them despising that the values of their enemies that lay within him with perfect equality. They casted his soul into the world between worlds, into a place that cannot exist; yet does. And via his own hatred, Seropaenes was warped into the thing he devoted his entire life to destroying: a Vestige.

    Statistics: Seropaenes is a 4th level Vestige, and a Binder must succeed on a DC 25 Binding Check in order to make a good pact with him.

    Seal: In order to summon Seropaenes, the Binder must form a moderately complex seal, depicting five pentagrams in the five corners of the seal with a large, unblinking eye centered among them.

    Special Requirement: Seropaenes will not manifest before any ordinary Binder, for he still carries a strong dislike for practitioners of Pact Magic despite the agony he received for his loyal services against them. In order to call forth Seropaenes, a Binder must present four Holy Symbols: one from each Herioneous, St. Cuthbert, Wee Jas, and Vecna. Each of these Holy Symbols must be snapped in half and they are not consumed or destroyed during the summoning process. Alternatively, if the Binder manages to gain a Holy Symbol of the Order of Seropaenes, this may be substituted.

    Manifestation: As you finish the preparations for the summoning, the air around you hums with magic. When the seal is finished, almost instantly the eye within the center of the seal blinks twice, then moves its pupil to focus upon the summoner. After several moments of looking the summoner over, the materials used to make the seal swirl around, lifting up into the air as if by some small tornado. The outer rim of the circle, however, does not move from its position; only the pentagrams and the eye are moved in this way. The particles swirl in the air in front of you, forming into twisted and deformed images; a faint, weak spark of lightning held by a shattered hand, the broken, crimson skull of some small vermin, a broken and rusted cudgel, and finally a giant, blood-gorged eye that quickly pops as if a giant pair of fingers had squashed it, forming a mass of flesh-colored substance. After taking this form, the globe of flesh thins out as if a giant hand was molding it like clay. The fleshy clay forms into a tall, gaunt, shadow of man. He appears completely nude, though his body looks to be little more then a silhouette; it has no features save for its fleshy color, a gapping, toothy mouth, ten fingers, and a single, bloody eye that covers most of its face. Upon assuming this form, Seropaenes focuses his eye upon his summoner, never blinking once, and speaks in a voice filled with contempt and hatred.

    Sign: Your body becomes engraved with pentagrams on your elbows, your knees, and the back of your neck. On all of these places, the pentagrams appear as tattoos, gruesomely carved with some sort of rusted surgical tool. In addition, a bloodied and battered eye appears on the palm of your right hand. While it moves and observes like an ordinary eye, you gain no sensory input from it and it is not connected to your nervous system in any way.

    Influence: Seropaenes's hatred for the gods that abandoned him is the only true emotion he still feels. His rage is like a living creature of its own; it creeps and crawls throughout the souls that allow him passage and grows; swelling into an uncontrollable rage. While influenced by Seropaenes, the Binder cannot accept any type of aid from any clergyman or anyone else who belongs to a religious organization of any kind that worships a being other than a Vestige. If the Binder meets a Cleric of Heironeous, St. Cuthbert, Vecna, or Wee Jas, they must insult, attack, or belittle the individual.

    Granted Abilities: Seropaenes grants you ability to let loose a devastating beam of energy upon your foes, fills your soul with hatred, wards your body against the special abilities of spellcasters, and grants you proficiency with the weapons he wielded as a mortal.

    Eye Burst: By focusing the anger, hate, and rage that flows through you body due to Seropaenes's presence, you are able to fire a beam of destructive energy from the eye that is manifested on your palm. At will, you can make a ranged touch attack against any creature within 30 feet of you. This action does not provoke attacks of opportunity and only total concealment prevents you from attacking a creature with this power. On a successful attack roll, you deal 1d6 points of damage + 1d6 points per 3 Effective Binder Levels you possess. You can only use this power if you show Seropaenes's sign. After using this power, you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Hatred: While his hatred courses through the Binder's body like molten steel, Seropaenes was never one to allow himself to give into blind rage. He empowers his Binder with his hatred, but never to the point where they loose their ability to think rationally. While bound to Seropaenes, a Binder receives a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution, as well as a +1 bonus to Will Saves against the effects of mind-affecting abilities.

    Spell Resistance: Seropaenes's intense knowledge of the properties of Divine Magic coupled with his hatred of clergymen makes him extremely dangerous to enemy spellcasters, for merely Seropaenes's presence wards a Binder from damaging spells and effects. While bound to Sereopaenes, a Binder gain Spell Resistance equal to 10 + their Effective Binder Level.

    Silver Tongue: Never clouded by his loathing for the Divine, Seropaenes was a master of persuasion in life; after all, he convinced sworn enemies to unite under a banner that would persist for years untold. While bound to Seropaenes, a Binder gains a +2 insight bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks.

    Weapon Mastery: A master killer in life, Seropaenes was extremely lethal with the favored weapons of the deities that were represented in his order. While bound to Seropaenes, you gain weapon proficiency with the dagger, longsword, and mace if you weren't proficient with them already. In addition, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls with these weapons per 4 Effective Binder Levels.
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