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    In their righteous crusade against Pact Magic, the Seropaenean Exorcists are the ultimate soldiers of the Order of Seropaenes. They are more then simple Clerics weaving the energies of the gods into miracles, however; a Seropaenean Exorcist is little less then an avatar of Heirenous, St. Cuthbert, Vecna, and Wee Jas. The Exorcists channel the very essences of these deities, allowing them refuge within their own souls to gain marvelous powers. It is with the resolve of these deities that the Seropaenean Exorcists press forward against Pact Magic, because what other foe could possibly unite such dynamically opposed deities? Indeed, some Exorcists wonder what will become of their tremendous powers when Pact Magic is no more while lower-ranked members of the Order of Seropaenes wonder if such a lofty dream is even possible at all.

    Combat: In a grand twist of irony, the Seropaenean Exorcists fight extraordinarily similarly to the practitioners of Pact Magic which they've sworn to annihilate. Seropaenean Exorcists channel bits of the divinity of the gods that make up the Order of Seropaenes; binding them to their very souls. Unlike Binders, however, Exorcists can increase the amount of energy they channel from a single gods to gain additional, more potent powers and they have access to powerful Divine Interventions, in which the very will of the gods manifests for the Seropaenean Exorcist. In combat, a Seropaenean Exorcist prefers to know what they are fighting; they may spend a few days tracking and stalking their targets, trying to find out if they are Guilty souls. Exorcists do not hold back against Guilty creatures, using their most powerful spells and abilities to subdue or eliminate them.
    Resources: The Seropaenean Exorcists have the resources of the entire divine community at their disposal. While not every cleric has heard of the Order of Seropaenes, virtually all of the High Priests have, and many clergies have been instructed to offer simple gifts such as information or housing to Seropaenean Exorcists seeking such things. Naturally, Seropaenean Exorcists are exalted among the Order of Seropaenes, however the clergies of Heironeous, St. Cuthbert, Wee Jas, and Vecna are both in awe and appalled by Seropaenean Exorcists, as none of them understand why their patron god would wish to cooperate so intimately with the other three.
    Advancement: Seropaenean Exorcists tend to have experience as Clerics, but Favored Souls and Paladins do occasionally take up the mantle. Druids are fairly rare within the Order of Seropaenes, but they are not completely unheard of. The seldom Ranger who enters the Order might also take up the Oath of the Seropaenean Exorcist. After fully completing their training as Exorcists, most Seropaenean Exorcists return to training in whatever class they had swearing the Oath, but some do multiclass into other classes to increase their effectiveness at tracking down practitioners of Pact Magic. The only class that is understandably excluded from the ranks of the Exorcists are Binders themselves.


    They be a rotten lot, mon. They channelin' der gods inta themselves, gettin' powers da likes 'o which ya never seen before! You run inta onena dem and you be dead fer sure! An' da most ironic part 'o dem Exorcists is dat in reality dey ain't no different ferm us ....
    ~ Deygeo Darkskin, a Seropaenean Avenger, about Seropaenean Exorcists

    The existence of Binders is a well-guarded secret by the various clergies of the world. If word got out about an easily accessible means to power, all priests agree that it would only be a matter of time before scores of people left the paths of the gods to worship creatures that are completely apathetic to their existence. The temptation of power would cause the gods to fall from their divine thrones and possibly raise the Vestiges up into those vacant places of honor. Adamant to prevent this from happening, most clergies use their influence to arrest Binders and turn them over to the Order of Seropaenes, who commit unspeakable crimes upon suspected Binders. Seropaenean Exorcists are the cause of the vast majority of these unspeakable crimes, doing the most vile and inhumane methods of torture and execution to any that they perceive to be Guilty. The Order of Seropaenes is, however, a secret Organization, and as its highest members the Seropaenean Exorcists operate with the same levels of discrepancy; so long as it suits them. Many in the Order see the destruction of Pact Magic as little more then a measure of time, for with such formidable allies how could Binders do anything but simply cease to exist?

    Daily Life: Their hunt for Binders is a life-consuming task for a Seropaenean Exorcist. Everything they do has that goal in mind. Seropaenean Exorcists travel the world in search of stories and leads to what might possibly be Binders practicing in secret, or better yet an entire Pact Magician community. The Seropaenean Exorcists typically play the roles of wandering hermits and preachers so long as it suits them, though they are not afraid to show their true colors to followers of the Order of Seropaenes's patron deities. Typically it is simpler to remain incognito during a chase, and many do not understand the urgency of their hunt that would require sharing one's soul with both Good and Evil forces.
    Notable: There are few notable Seropaenean Exorcists; they try their best to remain hidden from even the most potent of knowledge-gatherers. Perhaps the most famous of their lot is their captain. The Captain of the Seropaenean Exorcists gains their position for being the most ruthless and effective member of their Order; slaying countless Binders in the name of justice and preservation. Through tradition, the Captain of the Seropaenean Exorcists is renamed "Seropaenes" in honor of whom many Exorcists see as the first and greatest of their kind. No one knows when this tradition began, or even if it began when the Order of Seropaenes was originally founded, but to date there have been 175 Captains, and Seropaenes LCXXVI is the current Captain. Like his predecessors, he is cunning and ruthless beyond compare, and he is also a primary member of the Order of Seropaenes's council; consisting of a powerful Cleric from each of the four patron deities and the Captain. It is said that the fifth seat was added so that there would never be a stalemate in decision-making, as the threat Binders pose is too great to sit around a table arguing.
    Organizations: The Seropaenean Exorcists belong to the Order of Seropaenes (detailed on page 90 of the Tome of Magic). This Organization strives to wipe Pact Magic from the face of the planet and will stop at nothing to achieve its goals. The Seropaenean Exorcists are the elite among those faithful to the Order of Seropaenes, and they are treated with an extremely high level of respect amongst their brothers. The Seropaenean Exorcists also garter respect from the clergies of Heirneous, St. Cuthbert, Wee Jas, and Vecna. However, no clergy is truly friendly to an Exorcist, as all of them are baffled as to how bitter enemies can unite themselves. The people who ask that question, however, no not of the dire threat of Pact Magic.


    Few people have heard of the Order of Seropaenes, so most people see a Seropaenean Exorcist as a particularly zealous cleric. Most members of the Order proudly display the Holy Symbol of the deity that worshiped prior to joining the Order of Seropaenes, though more acute observers will recognize the oddities and uncharacteristic traits of those whose loyalties truly belong to the Order of Seropaenes. Binders who recognize the Seropaenean Exorcist for what he or she is become terrified and do whatever it takes to get away from the Seropaenean Exorcist as soon as possible. All Binders know of the Order of Seropaenes, and rumors of its Exorcists are whispered softly like a child's nightmare.


    Seropaenean Exorcists require the Order of Seropaenes to be added into a Campaign, but the Order itself can be molded to fit the needs of the setting. Instead of being fanatics against Pact Magic, they might despise Shadowcasters, Truenamers, or Soulmelds. As the Order's zeals is redirected, the only real change in the Seropaenean Exorcist's class would be what is classified as being part of "The Guilty." The category shouldn't be extremely broad, however, as the Seropaenean Exorcist's powers are designed to only function against their favored foes. Alternatively, a setting that uses Rangers might allow them to take the Guilty as a Favored Enemy, or other such minor changes.

    Encounters: Seropaenean Exorcists are almost always encountered on the road traveling. They seldom pursue conflicts unless they are with members of the Guilty, though Seropaenean Exorcists who channel Vecna are noticeably more arrogant then others. They perfer to save their most powerful abilities, the Investitures, to use against the Guilty, but if the situation calls for it, they have no moral issues with using these powers in front of others. If anything, Seropaenean Exorcists seem to enjoy their hunt with a sadistic glee and many truly wonder if the Exorcists would be happy in a world completely devoid of Pact Magic.
    Lore: The Seropaenean Exorcists's existence is high-classed knowledge, and they are considered to be a DC 30 on a Knowledge {Religion} check made to research the Order of Seropaenes (see page 92 of the Tome of Magic). A Knowledge {Religion} check of 40 or more is required in order to specifically name members of the Order of Seropaenes, and a check between 30 and 39 only gives basic information about Seropaenean Exorcists.
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