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    Faction Profile: MagCorp

    Leader: Lord Magtok (I'll get to remaking his character profile eventually, I swear!)

    General Information: On a sunny afternoon one day, Magtok looked down upon the people of Inside, and noted that there was quite a bit of money being exchanged in the market streets, and none of it was going to him. This wouldn't do, so the cyborg decided to build a corporation, one fueled by cheap robot labor, mass-produced gadgets, quirky advertising ploys, and fatty artificial meat products cleverly disguised as edible comestibles. Thus, MagCorp was born. Presiding over its MagMart and MagDonald's chains, it proceeded to gobble up as much of that market streets money as it could, and continues to do so today.

    Military Assets:

    There are, on average, about fifty Magbots at any given time, most of which are either flipping burgers at MagDonald's, manning registers in MagMart, or pretending to be diligently doing something important in the MagCaves. There are only a few laser rifles and pistols available for the Magbots, and most of the heavier ordinance is reserved for only the Magbots actively out in the field fighting something, as Magtok feels it's best not to "encourage any more of those damned annoying uprisings and protests they used to do every single fudging week".

    Special Assets/PCs Played by Other Players

    Project Fortress of Maggitude/King in Purple-The King in Purple, also known by its codename, Fortress of Maggitude, is a Statue of Liberty-sized cephalopod, made of a strange combination of synthetically-grown human tissue, cybernetics, and gods know how much magical energy siphoned from the Brightheart and corrupted into the strange purple fluids running through the transparent monster. Along its sides, in tiny neon writing, lies many a cryptic message, written out as if they were magical runes of some sort. "Mk, 5:9", "Luk 8:30", "E Pluribus Unum", "Novus ordo seclorum", "The Great Arsenal of Democracy", "4/13" and other vaguely Magtok-ish gibberish. With eyes as bright as stars, a beak capable of chowing down on tanks, and a face not even Magtok could call decent-looking, the King is truly a terrible weapon.

    Speaking of weapons, its ten long limbs are armed with a wide variety of them. Anti-magic missiles launchers, Tribunal-class laser cannons, massive lead-spewing gatling guns, and unholy tumor-inducing energy beam weapons are all spread across eight of the ten limbs, with the two longest tentacles reserved purely for a pair of large electromagnets, designed for pulling in smaller targets into its fiendish clutches. There's also a hive of three-foot large versions of itself nestled within the transparent shell, ready to take off and provide support or covering fire.

    The MagSat Surveillance Platform-Floating over Inside, Acro, and/or whatever else happens to fall under the part of the Nexus Magtok concerns himself with, this tremendous orbital space station acts opposite the manner of the Hubble telescope. Instead of peering out into the stars to see what might lie beyond, the MagSat spies on the people beneath it, keeping careful tabs on everything the cyborg feels like keeping an eye on. This vessel is also currently shared with the Acronymian Empire, as Magtok sold access to its footage to get out of a financial slump following the Catpeople Conflict.

    Internship program-After carefully masquerading itself as a legitimate business, MagCorp proceeded to recruit a number of interns to toil thanklessly under the cold iron fist of Magtok. However, sometime just before the last batch of interns could arrive, Reinholdt Prime came along and mind-wiped a bunch of people, as well as causing Maggy to totally trash the poor Cave. As a result, most of them ran off and found internship positions elsewhere. Two remained, one due to brain damage inflicted by Reinholdt Prime's de-sapience assault (Aurora "Sunny" Evans), and the other due to having already been a complete raving loon beforehand (Elizabeth Kale) deceased.

    The MagMobile XIII-Since the first twelve MagMobiles were destroyed in horrible accidents, Magtok has since had a new vehicle constructed. Following in the tradition set by James Bond and Batman, the MagMobile is armed with a wide variety of hidden weapons, and is designed to steer and speed like the fanciest of sports cars. The purple car looks like a Buick in a silly nod to a book by Stephen King, modified slightly to keep a degree of grace and sleek elegance about it.

    Headquarters: The MagCorp's central headquarters is technically situated in the newly refurbished MagCave. However, given Magtok's mistrust and suspicion of the intern he put in charge of those rebuilding efforts, he prefers the solitude and feeling of safety provided by his (somewhat) secret Auxiliary MagCave, in Outside.

    Controlled Locales: MagMart (Inside), MagDonald's (Suggested to be in Inside, hasn't actually been posted in, though), Mountain Base (The Primary MagCave), Underground Hillside Facility (The Auxiliary MagCave), MoveMansion (That dusty little abandoned abode from back when Magtok was his own extremist political party)

    Other stuff: The telewarp, the Magazord, and the Squiddly Thing to be added in later. No really, I promise, I'll get to it soon enough.
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