Richard Deterious Nealson

Alignment:Chaotic Evil
Class: Assassin/Ninja
Power Rating: 6

Description: Richard usually walks around looking like a mid twenty-something human male. He wears a nice dark gray suit, and carries a briefcase. However as a changeling he can obviously appear as anyone he wants. He usually confines his appearance to humanoids, but will also do animals, and anything else that a contract calls for.

Equipment: Rick has a 125 caliber over under, double barreled revolver. He keeps both regular shells, explosive shells, shotgun shells, and caster shells. However he also has other types of shells that he doesn't normally keep with him, but can bring them for specific missions. He has several types of body armor, and various magic items, he normally keeps several healing potions on him, and a spell storing ring with plane shift, and teleport in it.

Abilities: Expert marksmen, master sneak, a good con man, in general one of the best assassins and freelance mercenaries there is. Also is extremely fast, agile, and strong. He is able to stick to any solid surface, and has a few spell casting abilities.

Backstory: Rick was born to a prostitute in a back alley. His mother gave birth to him, and immediately walked off to try to turn another trick. He tracked her down over 2,000 years ago and killed her, he also found his father and did the same to him. Rick was found by a assassin and taken in. He trained to be a killer from that time. He is now free lance, and is available for hire.

Miscellaneous: Rick has just purchased a penthouse suite in an inside apartment complex. The underworld of Inside is aware of his arrival.