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    Default Re: AMUNG AHU GOG AGARRUM [Epic Monster, Epic Feat, Epic Power, 3.5]

    Epic Manifesting [Epic, Psionic]
    You are capable of using great and terrible psychic powers, beyond the scope of lesser manifesters of all sorts.
    Prerequisites: Knowledge (psionics) 24 ranks, Psicraft 24 ranks, ability to manifest 9th level powers
    Benefits: You gain a number of bonus powers points equal to twice your manifester level, which rises along with an increased manifester level as you progress. Additionally, you are capable of using epic powers. Epic powers are treated just as epic spells(using the feanmerc system) except they use Psicraft instead of Spellcraft and instead of using spell slots, they require a number of power points equal to (power level*2)-1. Instead of using normal spells as seeds, it uses psionic powers that the manifester has access to.
    Psions are capable of using epic powers if all the power seeds are of their discipline or are not restricted to a discipline, even if they do not know it but they cannot use an epic power if any of the seeds are of a different discipline unless they know each of the seed-powers that are of another discipline.
    Special: This feat can be taken multiple times, each time it's taken after the first the manifester gains an additional number of power points equal to twice their manifester level.
    Note: This is a psionic adaptation of my other feat, Improved Spell Capacity.
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