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    Default Re: Base Class Challenge - The Light Beckons [Submission thread]

    The Star Shooter
    "I dislike the term 'archer'. I am but an acolyte of the stars. But if you stand in the way of my divine mission...."
    -Lyron Bearstrum, Star Shooter

    Star Shooters are born, not made. When a drow elf and a high elf bear a child at the time beween light and darkness (twilight), a child with the white skin of his high elf parent and the white hair of the drow is born. The moment no one can see the child, they are abducted by a star-spawn (see MM2) They are then taken to a secret coven, and trained with bows that are passed down from the first star shooters. When they reach the age of 21, these "Children of The Stars" are set on the world with individual goals to satisfy the needs of the stars.

    Abilities: Star Shooters rely on their Dexterity and Strength to destroy many foes, but Wisdom also affects some of their abilities.

    Role:Star Shooters are ranged fighters who rely heavily on their power to create and imbue arrows made of light.

    Background:As noted above, Star Shooters are always Half-Drow, Half-High Elf. They are all generally brought up by the principles of their coven.

    Organization:Star Shooters, beside their loyalty to their coven, fiercely individual people. They dislike to work with others of their kind, as they dislike sharing glory, mainly because they believe that dying a glorious death in the service of the stars will be rewarded with a place among he stars.

    Alignment:No alignment is required, but many are Chaotic Good.

    Races:See Background

    Religion: Star Shooters worship The Stars as a whole, and many Star Shooters choose a star in the sky as their personnal star. This collective consists of all Star Shooters who have died in the glorious service of The Stars. A Star Shooter's ultimate goal is to become a star.

    Other Classes: As noted above, Star Shooters do not play well with others. If they have to, they form small groups with other Chaotic Good players, or anyone who is willing to concede that The Stars are more powerful than any other god.

    Adaptation:Star Shooters could be servants of The Moon instead of the stars, but The Stars are the most fitting because they are out at night and during the day (the Sun).

    Hit Die:d6

    Starting Gold:1d10 times 20 gp

    Class Features

    Class Skills: Same as Ranger

    Skill Points at First Level: (2 x Int mod) + 3
    Skill Points at each Additional Level: Int mod +3

    (sorry the next part is gonna be a littel confusing as my computer wont do the charts,go figure.)
    Level Base Attack<br>Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
    1st +1 +1 +3 +1 Materialize Ammo I
    2nd +2 +1 +3 +3 Imbue Arrow I
    3rd +3 +2 +4 +3 Sacred Star Shot
    4th +4 +3 +5 +4 Materialize Ammo II
    5th +5 +4 +6 +4 Imbue Ammo II
    6th +6 +5 +6 +5 Shining Star Shot
    7th +7/1 +5 +7 +6 Ever-Lasting Reflexes
    8th +7/2 +5 +8 +6 "See the Light!"
    9th +7/3 +5 +9 +6 Recharge I
    10th +7/4 +6 +9 +7 Materialize Ammo III
    11th +8/5 +6 +10 +7 Imbue Ammo III
    12th +9/5 +6 +11 +7 Recharge II
    13th +9/8 +7 +11 +7 Falling Star
    14th +10/8/3 +8 +11 +8 Eclipse Shot
    15th +11/9/5 +9 +12 +9 Materialize Ammo IV
    16th +11/10/6 +9 +13 +10 Imbue Ammo IV
    17th +12/11/7 +10 +14 +11 Recharge III
    18th +13/12/8 +10 +14 +11 Star Storm
    19th +14/13/9 +10 +15 +12 Star Shear
    20th +15/14/10/7 +10 +16 +12 Shot of the Pinpoint Star

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Star Shooters can use light armor, bows, and daggers.

    Materialize Ammo: Starting at first level, once per day a Star Shooter can focus light into a bundle of 100 silver-hued +1 arrows. At fourth level, they become +2 arrows. At 10th level, they become +3 arrows. At 15th level, they become +4 arrows.

    Imbue Ammo: Starting at second level, once per day a Star Shooter can Imbue a bundle of 100 arrows to do an extra 1d4 light damage. This increases to an extra 1d6 at fifth level, an extra 1d8 at 11th level, and an extra 1d10 at 16th level.

    Sacred Star Shot: Once per day for every level in Star Shooter a character has above second, a character may choose before rolling to hit to make a Sacred Star Shot. A Sacred Star Shot does an extra 1d4 light damage for every level above second. If the character misses, the Sacred Star Shot is expended and the character take 1d6 Solar Backlash light damage.

    Shining Star Shot: In one day, a Star Shooter may make Shining Star Shots equal to his Wis modifier. A Shining Star Shot blinds and stuns (DC 10+caster Wis modifier) all enemies within a 20 ft. radius of where the arrow landed. The attack has to hit for this effect to activate. Any creature hit with a Shining Star Shot takes an extra 1d8 light damage.

    Ever Lasting Reflexes: Your training has paid off in the long run, but left you toned for combat. You gain a plus to your reflex save equal to your Wis modifier.

    "See The Light!": Once per day a Star Shooter may focus all light in the surrounding area into a shot of cleansing power. This shot does an extra 2d10+Wis modifier damage to Undead and ignores a skeleton's resistance to piercing damage. This attack mearly does an extra 1d6 to living targets.

    Recharge: Once per day a Star Shooter can absorb star-light, negating the need for them to sleep and healing 1d20 damage. At 12th level, this ability improves so the Star-Shooter does not need water. At 17th level, the Star Shooter can gain all necessary nutrients from the stars, nd no longer needs food. This ability can only be used when the Star Shooter can see a star.

    Falling Star: At 13th level, a Star Shooter can choose a star from the sky and call an avatar of it down to the Prime Material Plane. The Avatar dies not fight, but provides a 20 foot radius of bright light. The Avatar counts as a star for the purpose of the Recharge ability.

    Eclipse Shot: At 14th level, a Star Shooter can focus the darkness in a room into an arrow, effectively making the room filled with bright light. This arrow, called an Eclipse Shot, surrounds the target with suffocating darkness, immobilizing them for 1d6 rounds. After the target is no longer immobilized, the target is feared for 1d8 rounds.

    Star Storm:Once per day, a Star Shooter may call down a Star Storm, hitting all creatures within a 30 ft radius of the caster with 2d12+ Wis mod damage (DC 10 + Wis mod, Save for half damage)

    Star Shear:Once per day, a Star Shooter can call upon the aid of the Stars to make an arrow becaome a Star Shear. The Star Shear does 1d10+Wis mod dmg to the target, and reduces it's AC by 1d10+3 for rounds equal to your Wis mod.

    Shot of the Pinpoint Star: Once per day, a Star Shooter may call upon the powers of the Pinpoint Star, the star that is the least visible while still being visible in the midnight sky. It is, infact, only visible when there is no moon. A Shot of The Pinpoint Star has double the range on a normal attack, is always a critical hit, and does 1d12+Dex mod plus normal attack damage.

    TA-DAH! I had really hoped my entry would be better though....PLEASE DON'T BREAK MY KNEECAPS!!!
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