1. Red Hand of Doom. I don't really care much for dungeon crawls, and while RHOD has a couple of parts that are dungeon crawls, the majority of the plot centers on a war adventure. Lots of traveling, lots of interaction, and lots of facebashing. It offers a balanced experience and the story is quite immersive. It might require tweaking to suit different power levels, but I think in general it's really good.

2. Eyes of the Lich Queen. This really carries the Indiana Jones feel of Eberron all across the Material Plane. Lots of travel, lots of intrigue, and a good combination of interaction and action.

3. The Viktor Saint-Demain trilogy (Chimes at Midnight, Quoth the Raven, Hell's Heart). How do you do horror without using undead as the primary threat? This is how. It's mostly investigative, so it has a very noir feel to it. It shows you just how scary humans can be.