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    Faction Profile: Affidavit's Creations

    Leader: Professor Affidavit

    General Information: The creations are a race of living metal creatures, created and controlled through a mental network by Professor Affidavit. Their loyalty to him is absolute, and they are completely devoted to him, treating him like a parent figure. They are somewhat childlike in nature, in reality, relying on Affidavit completely, constantly asking him for help, constantly seeking his help and guidance, always trying to please him, always wanting his love. It's...kind of sad really, how they are "born" into the world loving him, how they die loving him, how their entire life is nothing but servitude to him.

    They are little more than his slaves, though he does show some care for them.

    Organisation: There is no ranking system for the creations. Affidavit is their supreme leader, they are all his slaves, equal in their insignificance. While each type of creation is geared towards a specific purpose, no type of creation is valued more highly than any other.

    History: The creations are relatively young, the product of a younger, more optimistic, less devious and villainous Affidavit. The oldest creation still functioning isn't much more than 20 years old, and is completely obselete. Despite being designed to last for over a thousand years, creations are constantly being updated and improved on, resulting in any creations more than three years old being completely obselete compared to the newer models.

    No creation has ever been tossed aside though. Even the older, lesser models have their uses. After all, the size and power of Affidavit's mind is directly related to the number of functioning creations. Even the oldest models have a use, being used primarily to handle the simpler, most basic tasks Affidavit's mind has to deal with.

    Homeworld: Yes, that's right. Homeworld. The creations are not native to the Nexus. Professor Affidavit's early life was on a different planet entirely, a planet that he eventually took complete control of, crushing all other life present. It now exists as a machine, a giant factory devoted to the production and support of creations.

    There are tens of thousands of creations on the planet, and hundreds of thousands of drones. As the drones build, the creations design and improve. It's a bit of a boring life really. Some creations may have travelled to other planets and may be colonising them...

    But who knows? They may have spread across galaxies by now, or maybe not. Regardless, their homeworld is now just one giant creation-producing factory.

    Headquarters: In the Nexus, their headquarters is the KNAVES castle. A flying castle, home to hundreds of creations. It is equipped with formidable defences and exits as the creations' primary point of access to the Nexus.

    Types of Creation

    The Standard Creation
    The standard creation is something of a jack of all trades, master of none. Designed to be able to do pretty much any task to a reasonable level of skill, it stands 6 feet high and is very basic in design, with no unusual or special features and a very simple level of detail. Generally equipped with basic diamond weaponry and close combat weaponry, they are the most numerous of Affidavit's creations other than drones, and are used in any situation that doesn' require a more specialised model.

    The Winged Creation
    Equipped with a large pair of wings, and standing two inches taller than the standard modely, the winged creations are Affidavit's flying force. Generally equipped with explosive weaponry and always carrying their spears, they are capable of incredible feats of aerial agility. Their favourite method of attack is to plummet from the sky and plunge their spears into the heads of their foes. For some reason, they are also the only model of creation to ever wear any form of uniform, often seen wearing boots and a black jacket.

    The Spider Creation
    About the same size as a large dog, the spiders are the Professor's assassins. Unable to talk, they can only hiss, but they rarely do that. They prefer to remain as silent as possible, able to sneak into almost any place with their highly advanced stealth systems that render them completely invisible. They are armed with a pair of sharp knife-like appendages, soaked in liquid agony. They are also equipped with a web-shooter that fires globs of liquid agony-soaked webbing, and can climb pretty much any surface.

    The Guardian Creation
    A rare model. It consists of a modified standard creation body, somewhat stronger than the standard model, with a large rotating sphere sspended 6 inches above the body. The sphere is in fact a giant eye equipped with all of the Professor's numerous sensors. It can spot anything that has any effect on the material world, and I mean any effect no matter how minor it may be. This model is generally only used to protect the most important secrets the Professor holds, and is rarely used in any open situation.

    The Beetle Creation
    Tiny. Absolutely tiny. Smaller than an ant. These little creatures are among the most deadly models. They are capable of burrowing into the neck of any humanoid using their viciously sharp teeth. However the entry wound is so small that it feels only itchy, too small to produce any real sense of pain. From there the beetle makes its way to the base of the brain and clamps its teeth in, passing all information through it before it reaches its destination. In this way it can alter all information without ever being noticed, allowing it to control minds in a very efficient and deadly manner. And any creatures that resist? Well, then their brain will be shredded by the beetle and its sharp little teeth in just a few seconds...

    The Shapeshifting Creation
    Normally it looks like a standard creation. But it can chane shape and alter its external appearance. Um, there's not much else to say. It...shapeshifts. It's pretty good at it. They're used a fair amount, generally for espionage or diplomatic purposes. They generally carry very little in terms of equipment.

    The Drones
    Basic. Simple. Short. Ridiculously common. These are the workers. They are highly agile and very hard-working. They're also much stronger than they appear. Thier only purpose is to build and repair, but they're damn good at it. They never tire, they never take breaks, they are incredibly efficient. They are also mute and deaf. They possess no mouth or ears. Oh, and no nose either, only a pair of eyes. They're kinda disturbing to look at really, so basic are they in appearance.

    The Whale-Currently Destroyed
    A giant submarine-creation. It was capable of holding hundreds of passengers, was covered in weaponry, and had a giant cannon similar to the model on the underside of the castle. It may be repaired one day. Having some stupid amount of explosives teleported inside it really did a number on it, y'see. It remains, however, an example of how great a creation the Prof can build.

    The Bird Creations
    The newest model. These are high speed air transport creations, equipped with numerous eyes similar to the guard creation's giant eye. They possess several high-speed pulse laser weapons and a pair of jet engines. They can also hover. Each bird holds 25 creations and is extremely fast. They look sorta like a cross between a bird and a plane, and are probably the most ambitious model made so far.


    The creations wield several types of weapon, each of which has numerous versions.

    The first is the diamond gun. The Professor has founda bizarre way to store energy in a diamond. Diamond weaponry fires projectiles at supersonic velocities, powered by the diamond in the hilt of each model. They vary in size from the simple diamond pistol to the giant cannon.

    The second is liquid agony. A horrible liquid that creates the illusion of pain by causing nerves to fire in the same manner as when the victim is in pain. Liquid agony does not cause any permanent damage, though an overdose can cause the victim to die from sheer pain...which is unpleasant. Liquid agony weapons range from simple syringes to guns, to a very dangerous highly concentrated gaseous version. A very effective way of incapacitating someone...also quite effective as a torture device.

    Thirdly, explosives. Nothing much to say here. They're quite powerful, and the smaller models are generally encased in glass. That's it really. They're used quite a lot...and they go boom.

    Finally, laser weaponry. Not used much by the Prof, he prefers good ol' projectile weaponry, preffering to rely on kinetic energy than any of that silly old light stuff. The bird creations use pulse lasers, however the Prof does realise the value in having the odd laser here or there and has a few spread out among the other types of creation.

    All creations speak in this colour. They never refer to themselves individually. If they do, it's because their player is tired and forgetful.

    And of course, no sooner do I say this, then I remember a couple of exceptions, including one that literally popped up just moments after saying this. So...


    The Diamond Creations
    They speak in Cyan. Apologies for the annoying text colour. The result of a deal made with Iames the dark (I think) quite some time ago, they are giant humanoids made entirely from a specially modified form of diamond. They have some minor shapeshifting powers, able to alter their internal structure and slightly alter their appearance, such as turning their arms into rather nasty spiky things...but that's about it. They were magically created, much to Affidavit's annoyance, and act as batteries of a sort, trapping light within themselves and releasing it as a blinding, painful flash. Quite effective against their foes really.

    The White Creation
    The result of an accident involving a winged creation, some raw possibility, and a teleporter. Presumably Edict did not expect such a thing when he handed over the raw possibility. The White creation is marble-white (no imperfections) and glows faintly at all times. Its wings are larger than usual too. It appears to have developed into an individual, showing a personality and occasionally questioning Affidavit. However it remains quite loyal, even sticking a couple of extra titles on to the names of its superiors. Its powers are still a bit of a mystery at the moment, but all will be revealed in time...

    It speaks in "Lime, Sir! I look forward to serving you, Lord Professor!" See what I mean? Still completely loyal to Affidavit.
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