The Group

Gender: Male
Race: Gnome
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Class: Scientist, Planner
Description: About three inches tall, he wears a tiny business suit, a dark blue pinstripe number, and he carries a tiny briefcase, inside which is a keyboard/screen combination, and an extending aerial.
Equipment/Abilities: The aforementioned briefcase is an extremely high-powered computer, with wireless capabilities. He's vastly intelligent, constructing the tech for the group, and coming up with the intricate plans that they attempt.

Gender: Female
Race: Usually Human
Alignment: True Neutral/Neutral Evil
Class: Disguiser/self-illusionist
Description: Usually choosing to appear as a very young girl, around the age of five, wearing a cute lacy white dress, along with a matching sun-hat and parasol. Her eyes are completely white, no iris or pupil to be seen.
Equipment/Abilities: She can completely change her appearance, her clothes, and her equipment to anything she wishes. If she's directly copying someone else she'll have innate knowledge on how to use anything they possess.

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: True Neutral, slight tendencies towards Neutral Evil
Class: Sorcery-like-thing.
Description: A tall, elegant woman, wearing a long flowing dress which she manages to move quickly and gracefully in. Her hair is long and black, usually tied back away from her face. Her face is quite pretty.
Equipment/Abilities: She can emanate a white energy from her hands, which destroys that which it comes into contact with. She can form it into beams or blasts with ease.


Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Enchanting Gunman
Description: This guy is dressed almost exatly like a cowboy. The hat, the vest over a checked T-shirt, the long leather pants, complete with leather boots equipped with spurs. It all seems rather impractical really. He has two holsters by his side with a couple of relatively new pistols.
Equipment/Abilities: He has the two pistols on him at all times, as well as any number of guns hidden away either on the support station that's currently orbiting Acro, or in caches throughout the land. He can imbue his bullets with any number of magical powers, have his guns fire completely silently, or any number of cool tricks I can think up. He has a number of magical clips, and magical bullets, for dire situations.


Gender: Male
Race: Goblin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Explosives Expert
Description: He's a short little goblin, usually dressed in long, fire-retardant trousers, and an odd harness-like vest thing. Attached to the vest are several pockets, all manner of detonators and switches and control pads, and a few grenades.
Equipment/Abilites: Inside the pockets on his harness/vest - which are pockets of holding (powered by SCIENCE!) - are all manner of explosives and explosive launcher, ranging from more grenades, up to surface to air missiles.


Gender: Male
Race: Mostly Human, but probably with some troll or ogre in there as well.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Description: He's an absolute monster of a man, standing at slightly over 8 foot, his entire bulk bulging with muscles. His hands are both metallic, and he wears intricate greeny black armour, that covers his entire form. His head is covered with the armour up the back of the neck, over the top of the head, and across the mouth. His eyes are covered by a set of goggles. He occasionally has a steel backpack on his back.
Equipment/Abilities:He's immensely strong, and surprisingly quick despite his bulk. His hands are cybernetic, and are designed to integrate with the backs of two miniguns, one for each hand, or a couple of chainsaws. His armour is of superb make, and together with his natural hardiness, it could probably shrug off a tank round. His goggles have several enhancements, with filters for true-sight, heat-vision, night-vision, and any other amount of visions.


Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Anti-magic
Description: A medium height man with a weedy build, he usually wears terrible hawaiian T-shirts, and shorts that don't quite go down far enough to cover his bony knees. He wears sneakers and high white socks.
Abilities/Equipment: He can, at will, emit or stop emitting a field that completely blocks anything supernatural, unless said supernatural thing is done in a sufficiently badass way, or unless you reeeeeeally want it to work and can BS me a good enough reason.


Gender: Unknown
Race: Kar'lac (i.e. completely made up)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: N/A
Description: It's rarely seen, due to the fact that it generates a shadowy aura around itself at all times. Usually the only people that see it are it's victims, before they're disemboweled by some form of bladed limb.
Abilities/Equipment: It generates a field of shadow around itself, completely cloaking it even to true sight and such things. It can walk through the shadow realm with ease, and its agility on any plane is unparalleled. It has a few bladed limbs of some sort, via which it kills its victims. Its strike leaves flesh rotting and infected.


Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Class: *shrugs*
Description: An incredibly elderly lady, possibly in her 80s or 90s. She's very short, and walks with the assistance of a cane. She wears a faded pink cardigan and a long skirt, faded white with age, although traces of blue can be found. She has very thick glasses on most of the time.
Abilities/Equipment: She has a large collection of scout drones, all equiped with a truly bewildering array of sensors, all of the data being fed straight into a small laptop she carries around in a carry bag. She's a master liar and thief, and is usually used for information gathering before a job.

Miscellaneous about The Group: Their main goal is the acquisition of wealth and power. They have an orbiting support satellite stationed above acro, through which they can access resources and regroup after missions, although they prefer to spend time on the ground, establishing a base there.