Name:Daxus[His true name I can't get a typeface for]

Age:Intends to live forever, so far, so good.




Power level:Even he doesn't know this. Tends to mimic someone else's.

Abilities: Primordial shape shifter with control over his own evolution.

Equipment:Nothing, doesn't really need it.


Daxus has been around for a long time, and has seen most mortal races rise and fall. Since the beginning, the only thing he had of his own was his ability to mimic almost anything he observes; everything else he has borrowed, even his name, taken from a veteran soldier[In his 50's, carried a glaive] he once met.

He is incredibly powerful, but in conflicts will tend to mimic his adversaries.

He sees everything as another addition to his own "collection", but is actually quite benign, life is his only inspiration, and he'd like to keep it around.

Will not join any organised groups, unless he can gain a few more forms for his collection.