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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Margaret V
    Race: Humanoid part-cyborg
    Class: I dunno.
    Alignment: TN?
    Age: 18
    Affiliations: ---
    Power Level: 3-4?

    She has red-and-black-dyed hair. Her skin is sickly and pale. Her normal eye is deep red and rimmed with grime and soot. Her cyber'd face has a green cybernetic eye; the teeth on that side of her head are chrome.
    She wears rough reddish jeans, old army boots, a maroon tee with the sleeves torn off, and a long black zippered coat.
    She now has... the sort of hat Barbossa wears. Except the feathers are made of metal and it's got cherries on it. Sometimes other fruit.

    Equipment/Weapons: Her cyber-eye has night vision and zoom-in functions.
    She seems to be pretty dang hardy.
    Her left mechanical hand can extend metal talons.
    She has some sort of magicky abilities, having displayed the ability to:
    • manifest an energy shield.
    • envelop her metal taloned hand in the same energy as her shield.

    She's acquired an old 43M SMG. And a BM59.
    She now has a Yellow Lantern Ring.

    About herself:
    I was inna lab an' I left an' I ate a bird. I foun' a city and looked for Magtok an' I live inna closet inna alley. An' then I FOUND HIM AN' HE SAID MY EYE WAS PRETTY AND THE SCARS IS OKAY HE SAID. An' there was a girl wiv kitty ears an' all scales on bits of her an' claws an' wings an' she was all touchyclose on him an' I don' think he liked that an' it made me a little scared.
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