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Two things. First, Archer's Evasion Boost seems to be a counter more than a boost, conceptually; remember that you can use an immediate action maneuver on your turn if desired.
A counter wouldn't be nearly as useful. That would protect you against one AoO. If you're surrounded and trying to get out, you need to avoid many.

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...intercepting arrow kata...
It calls for precision, but also for speed. When you're trying to hit a moving target, you don't have time to line up the shot. Being able to shoot something really fast also falls within this discipline. The word "saturation" was just my attempt to fit into a subject line, not the entirety of the school.

It might be worth adding a similar maneuver to falcon's eye. Probably at a lower level, but as a strike that must be readied....

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Rapid Stance: Each consecutive round in which you use a full attack action to fire arrows, you can deliver an additional attack at your full bab (+1 additional attack on the second round, +2 additional attacks on the 3rd round, and so on).
This seems abusable. Spend five rounds before battle making full attacks on a rock?

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Full Quiver Stance: While in this stance, your bow magically creates arrows for you. Each full 4 initiator levels gives these arrows a +1 enhancement bonus.

My Quiver is Full (counter): You can immediately create enough non-magical arrows to refill your quiver. If you give these created arrows to another person for him to use, hold, or carry, they immediately disappear.
Probably don't need both, but useful....

This would be the only su manuever here, but would be much more useful to an iron rain practitioner than to a rising phoenix (or whatever we're calling it this week) practitioner.

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Beehive Strike: Your arrow magically splits into several shafts in mid-flight. This can only be used with non-magical arrows; magical arrows lose their enchantment if fired using this strike. This should be resolved using the same basic mechanics as a modern shotgun.
What mechanic is that?

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Covering Fire Strike: You fire a large number of arrows over an area. This should be resolved using the suppression fire rules from d20 Modern (similar rules are in the squad shooting rules from Heroes of Battle, and the automatic rifle in the DMG).
Suppressing fire sounds good. What are the rules for this? I don't have d20 modern.

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Explosive Arrow Strike: The arrow explodes on contact, causing 1d6 points of fire damage in addition to the regular arrow damage.

Piercing Strike: The arrow magically ignores armour. Treat this as a touch attack for resolving the attack roll.
IIRC, rising phoenix already has these.

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Guided Arrow Strike: You need not have line-of-sight to the target, but you must know exactly which square the target is in. You must be able to draw a line between yourself and the target, but this line can have any number of zig-zags and direction changes; the range is calculated based on this line. This can be used to effectively strike at an invisible target, provided you know which square it is in, or it can be used to attack an enemy behind a wall or around a corner.

If you are also able to see the target (perhaps by seeing his reflection, perhaps through a glass barrier), you gain an insight bonus equal to one-quarter of your Spot skill ranks (round down).
This sounds like a more powerful Hidden Archery Stance, and that's already 8th level.