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I have a Warblade in the game I'm currently running.

We have had a few arguments over what the maneuver can and can't remove.

I've house-ruled the following:

If you can make a standard action and the have presence of mind use the maneuver then you can remove the condition.

If your condition does allow for either, then you can't cheese your way out of it by using IHS.

Charm & Suggestion could be removed by IHS but since the character is not aware of the effect they won't see a need to use it.
Dominate means they are controlled by an outside source, and that source will not want to use IHS to remove their control.
Cower, Frightened & Panicked means that all actions are used to flee, IHS would not be an action that gets you further away from whatever that you fear.

This is what I believe is the 'spirit' with which the maneuver was written.
See, that guts the maneuver's usefulness though, and I don't agree that it's within the spirit of the maneuver either. IHS is supposed to represent sheer force of will throwing off magical effects, which should rightfully include mind control - Conan the Barbarian is totally a multiclass Barbarian/Warblade, using Iron Heart Surge to break the mesmerizing effects of evil magicians.