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See, that guts the maneuver's usefulness though, and I don't agree that it's within the spirit of the maneuver either. IHS is supposed to represent sheer force of will throwing off magical effects, which should rightfully include mind control - Conan the Barbarian is totally a multiclass Barbarian/Warblade, using Iron Heart Surge to break the mesmerizing effects of evil magicians.
Isn't the Will save supposed to represent that "sheer force of will"?

I put this to you, do you honestly think that the intention of the maneuver was to break out of almost every condition regardless of who or what put you in that condition?

Iron Heart Surge is a 3rd level maneuver so a Warblade has access to it as early as level 5. Do you want me to believe that a level 20 Wizard can dominate a Level 5 Warblade's mind and the warblade can shake it off like it's nothing?

For that matter can you think of any other class that can negate such a wide range of conditions, spells and spell-like effects no checks required? No possibility for failure?

Even with my house ruling it's still a very useful maneuver.