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Thread: Iron Rain: ToB saturation archery

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    Quote Originally Posted by dspeyer View Post
    This doesn't sound very effective here. A high-level enemy isn't likely to fear a single mundane arrow-shot, even with an enhancing stance.

    It's a shame because this sounds like a good real-world description. In the real world, however, one shot can kill.
    One other effect I didn't mention was that T20's autofire rules allow for doing huge amounts of extra damage with very high rate-of-fire weapons. Unfortunately, I don't think having 600+ shots per round would be all that believable, even for Iron Rain, so I left that bit out of the basic description.

    Plus of course, basic bow damage sucks by RL standards. My attempt at houseruling bows increases their base damage substantially for 'modern' bows, in order to maintain a semblance of realism.

    The primary purpose of the suppressive autofire rule is to suppress the low-level drones anyway, not get the BBEG. Against the BBEG, burst fire is the attack method of choice.
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