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Thread: [3.5] The Hexblade Homebrew Handbook!

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    Default [3.5] The Hexblade Homebrew Handbook!

    The Hexblade Homebrew Handbook!

    While there are a number of ways to build a character based around ill-fortune, the hexblade (CW) is perhaps the most direct application of this character theme available in d20 3.5. Possessed of interesting abilities, loaded with flavor and capable of significant variation and adaptation, the hexblade makes for an interesting character choice.

    In general, gamers have praised the hexblade's flavor and derided its crunch. The argument has been that, while the hexblade class lends itself to a number of interesting character concepts and roleplaying hooks, the mechanical manifestation of that flavor is sub-par, especially when compared to powerhouse classes like wizard and cleric.

    I recently began playing a hexblade in a pbp game and was astounded by the number of interesting character concepts the class sparked. They're clearly onto something, at least insofar as the class' story is concerned. The problem, from my perspective, is that there is extremely limited support for hexblades outside of Complete Warrior and the PHB II. With a few tweaks and some outside content, hexblades could shine.

    With that in mind, I set out to design spells, feats and prestige classes that work with the hexblade class and stretch the boundaries of its concept. In designing content that I would like to employ in my builds, I hoped to breath some extra life into what is becoming my favorite base class. The following are the results of my effort. I hope you enjoy them and would be very interested in hearing your thoughts, comments, ideas and suggestions.

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