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    Character Themes

    Of all the weapons employed by organized crime, none is more potent than fear. As an enforcer for an organized crime syndicate, you know how powerful fear and reputation can be and your hexblade abilities make you well-prepared to use them to your advantage. Your skill with arms and the unsettling nature of your abilities have helped you rise through the ranks of the mob as you combine calculated and theatrical brutality, martial prowess and arcane abilities to advance your superiors’ interests. You might adventure on your employer’s orders or to escape from the retribution you know is coming after your break with the mob.
    Build Suggestions: You would do well to select theatrical spells that impose fear effects or fit with this theme. Investing in the Intimidate skill and feats that increase its utility (for example, Imperious Command, Intimidating Strike, or the Never Outnumbered skill trick) will also help you in your career.

    ”I suspect you will not like it when the Boss gets angry with you. You know what happens then, right?”

    Gladiator: You relish the prospect of one-on-one combat and you know that your baleful powers will make your opponent trip over himself, much to the amusement of the crowd. You know how to put on a show but also how to kill quickly and efficiently, making the most of every mistake your opponent commits. You know to watch and wait, keeping your distance and dancing around your foe. After all, a quick fight might just as easily end with your death. Better to take a moment and observe your opponent. The fact that few people understand your victories makes them seem all the more amazing.
    Build Suggestions: Chose spells that buff your fighting abilities (Magic Weapon, the spells of the Bull’s Strength line, etc.) and base your feat selection around your chosen style of combat. You can rely on your Hexblade’s Curse to soften your foe up before charging in to finish him off. Gain a familiar and take Improved Familiar if you want a reliable ally in combat, or choose the Dark Companion feature to make your opponent easier to hit.

    “Come on! Do your worst! Before this day is out, you’ll know why the stands ring with my name!”

    Manipulator (created by Satyrus): If there's one thing a hexblade knows better than anyone it's that there's no such thing as luck, but that doesn't mean everybody else can't be fooled into thinking it does. You excel in social situations, using your hexblade's curse and other abilities to help bring people around to your point of view, most of the time without them ever realizing what's happening. You might be a hired infiltrator at the count's private manor or work from the shadows in a puppeteer role, whatever the case it's in your best interest to not idle in one place to long lest someone catch on to your tricks. Often if your powers were known they would be frowned upon and so it's not uncommon to take the guise of a sorceror or ranger to keep suspicion off of you.
    Build Suggestions: The key to this build is selecting those feats, abilities and spells that allow you to work your ways undetected. Charm Person and Disguise Self are highly recommended, and pumping ranks into Bluff, Diplomacy and Sense Motive skills are very useful. Still spell or the skill trick Conceal Casting are of great help as well.

    "No need to worry my friend I'll return the money tenfold, you know my luck."

    Master of Preta-Lokha: An outcast and target of superstition yourself, you have become adept at playing on people’s fears to ensure your safety. You know that the common folk around you believe strongly in the existence of ghosts and spirits and have started rumors of your ongoing commerce with the restless dead to keep away unwanted intruders. You use your powers of illusion and ill-luck to make it seem like the dead hover around you and your home. You are feared by those around you but are also fearful that they will someday see through your deception.
    Note: Preta-Lokha is the world of ghosts in the Hindu belief system. Ghosts and other spirits are believed to be able to influence the fortunes of the living, an obvious link with the flavor of the hexblade. Please be aware that my intention is not to disparage any actual belief systems.
    Build Suggestions: Emphasize illusions and ghost-like spells in your spell selection. Spells like Unseen Servant, Phantom Threat, Invisibility and Phantasmal Killer will help you maintain your otherworldly deception. Investing in the Bluff skill probably wouldn’t hurt either. Feats like Face Changer, Shadow Veil, Touch of Distraction and Night Haunt can help you get the most out of your spellcasting abilities.

    “So, you don’t believe in ghosts…”

    Outcast: Your unsettling powers do not endear you to the ignorant and superstitious. Many people like you find themselves rejected by their fellows and forced to live on the fringes of civilization. Some embrace their outcast status and use the fear they inspire to gain power. Others resist it and endeavor to find a place in society where they can help or protect others, perhaps by joining the military or law enforcement. Still others simply seek to be left alone, living by themselves or with other outcasts, content to let society continue without them.
    Build Suggestions: Investing in Intimidate or fear-causing effects will enhance the effectiveness of those who embrace their outcast status. Others might benefit from illusions or enchantments that let them avoid confrontations, especially when combined with ranks in social skills or cross-class stealth.

    “I’ve never done anything to hurt you! Just leave me alone!”

    Zindoki: Beyond the marches of the world’s great settled empires, sentient beings live in a vast series of tribes and tribal confederations, their populations centered in small villages. In this ever-changing climate, those who practice a baleful brand of magic called Zindoki are justly feared for their ability to bring about misfortune. Usually ostracized for their malevolent reputation (whether this reputation is deserved or not varies significantly between individuals), Zindoki are believed to be able to cause crops to fail, springs to dry up and diseases or injuries to proliferate. However, the most fearful power attributed to Zindoki is their ability to steal an individual’s vitality and energy, usually by causing that person’s sexual organs to disappear or atrophy. These outcastes are often driven from communities to take up an adventuring life; relying on their swords, their baleful powers and their fearsome reputations to survive.
    Note: This theme is based on real-world legends of magic practitioners in central Africa. Arrests are made every year when suspected penis-snatchers are attacked and people continue to face social persecution for allegedly practicing this type of magic. Please be aware that my intention is not to disparage any actual belief systems. I merely found this to be an interesting theme for a hexblade-type character and felt it merited some further explanation. A brief discussion is available here and a more comprehensive treatment can be found in Simon Bockie’s Death and the Invisible Powers.
    Build Suggestions: Your spell selection should focus on de-buffing spells like Backbiter, Phantom Threat or Blindness/Deafness. You use a combination of illusions and debuffs to unman your opponent and make your victory easier. Curse of the Zindoki is an obvious feat choice, as are other feats that improve your Hexblade’s Curse.

    “Are you sure you can afford to lose that which you know I can take?”
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