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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Trollfinger, Ironpick & Greencheek, Mining & Engineering

    A trio of goblins running a company.

    Krugzim Greencheek

    Gender: Male
    Race: Goblin
    Age: 25
    Profession: Miner
    Power level: 2 or E
    Krugzim is a thin, lanky grey-skinned goblin with a mullet, pointy nose, large ears, large fangs and red eyes. He usually wears thick, black clothes with a large hood. He can often be seen in multi-layered protective clothing when working underground.
    Equipment and abilities:
    Krugzim is a skilled miner and knows a lot about working underground. He has a variety of tools related to that line of work, as well as a score of miners employed by his company. He has absolutely no combat training and like most goblins he will run away, hide or surrender at the first sign of a fight.
    Krugzim was born in a large goblin colony in the central mountain range of the continent, the same one as Reelshka and Grimzig and joined the Miner's Guild. At some point, they all decided to team up and sell their services outside of their colony. Dipsnig Razortooth, the leader of Neutralist Organization, hired them to dig a network of tunnels for his group and that's how they ended up in the Nexus.
    Miscellaneous: Due to an accident involving monkeys some months ago, he's now nervous when outside.

    Reelshka Trollfinger

    Gender: Female
    Race: Goblin
    Age: 24
    Profession: Architect
    Power Rating: 2 or E
    Reelshka is a slim goblin woman with light brown skin, delicate fangs and yellow eyes who wears her grey hair in a ponytail. She tends to wear practical, brown and grey clothes and usually carries a sketchbook with her.
    Equipment and Abilities:
    Reelshka is an architect and a bit of an amateur artist. Her preferred models are surface animals. Like the other goblins here, she has no combat ability to speak of.
    Backstory: Reelshka was born in the same goblin colony as the other two and is in fact Krugzim's cousin. She was the one who came up with the idea of making a business and leaving, as she wasn't feeling good in her home colony, thinking it restricted her and opressed her.
    Miscellaneous: Reelshka likes fuzzy animals including cats and foxes. This irritates her collegues somewhat.

    Grimzig Ironpick

    Gender: Male
    Race: Goblin
    Age: 26
    Profession: Engineer
    Power level: 2 or E
    Grimzig is a rather large and a bit overweight goblin with pale gray skin. He has spiky hair, sideburns, blunt, short fangs, flat nose and orange eyes. He tends to wear a shirt, trousers and a vest, all with a lot of pockets, and a toolbelt. He als tends to have protective goggles on his head.
    Equipment and abilities:
    Grimzig is a true goblin engineer - inventive, clever and prone to forgetting about safety and hygiene when working on a new invention. As above, he has no combat ability, but he's not quite as cowardly as other goblins and can swing his heavy wrench in a nasty fashion. He has a collection of various tools, function of many of which he has little to no idea about.
    Joined Krugzim's and Reeshka's company because he thought there'd be less of a competition as far as inventions go in the surface world.
    Miscellaneous: None

    Assorted goblins: NPC miners, builders, demolition experts and mechanics working for the trio.
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