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Thread: [3.5] The Hexblade Homebrew Handbook!

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    Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate the comments and suggestions. I'm glad you like the material.

    Quote Originally Posted by arguskos View Post
    The Agent of Divine Misfortune is fine as well, though when combined with your Hexblade above, is strictly superior (better spell list). Not by much obviously, but it IS strictly better. Perhaps making a divine-themed Hexblade variant that changes class features would get this point across better. I do like the name, though.
    Hmm. I hadn't noticed that, but you're right. I based it on the Divine Bard variant but left out the Wisdom score requirement for spellcasting. I like your idea of tweaking the class features better. I'll have to give that a think and see what I can come up with.

    Quote Originally Posted by arguskos View Post
    Beloved of the Shadow is a nice prestige class, but I have one conceptual issue with it. It is a PrC based around a VARIANT ability of the Hexblade, albeit one I really like. Still, basing one of your two Hexblade-specific PrCs around a variant ability of the Hexblade seems somewhat silly. Perhaps if your alternate Hexblade just swapped Summon Familiar for Dark Companion, it'd feel more appropriate (note: I totally endorse this course of action).
    Another good point. I agree with you that the dark companion class feature fits better with the tone of the class, but I don't want to jettison the familiar entirely. There are so many cool things a hexblade can do with a familiar that it seems a shame to eliminate the option entirely. Maybe I will make that change to the modified base class and add a familiar alternate class feature...

    While I agree that a variant class feature isn't necessarily the strongest basis for a PrC, this is ultimately about giving players options. This was just one of the ideas that came to me. I actually started on a few more PrC's but decided that they worked better as feats.

    The dark companion is a great feature and apparently quite popular but, much like everything else hexblade-related, completely unsupported. I just wanted to give it a little love .

    Quote Originally Posted by arguskos View Post
    Luck Shaper is awesome. I love it completely. However... why does it have Craft (sculpting) as a prereq? That... doesn't seem to make any sense, save for a minor bit with the name.
    Thanks! I included Craft (sculpting) as a prerequisite for the same reason the War Weaver includes Craft (weaving). It's thematically appropriate and completely irrelevant to the mechanics of the class. It represents an investment on the part of the player (because, let's face it, hexblades are skill-starved already) and some sort of link between the PrC and the character that's not automatic. I wanted an additional skill requirement that would make players have to intentionally head toward the PrC and encourage them to create in-character reasons for taking the PrC rather than just dipping to gain a few powerful abilities. Otherwise, almost every hexblade would take it and wouldn't have to make any choices he otherwise probably wouldn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by arguskos View Post
    The Hex feats are all pretty good, though again, I note endless amounts of support for a variant. Just make the Dark Companion part of the Hexblade all the time (makes so much more sense than the damn Familiar anyways).
    The more I think about it, the more I think I'm going to make that change.

    Quote Originally Posted by arguskos View Post
    Overall, this is quality material. I really do think the biggest failure here is the lack of the Dark Companion as part of the base class, and feel that should be rectified, ESPECIALLY with all the support for it. I'd like to see more Hexblade-friendly PrCs as well, though this isn't my ideal arena of creative thought. Temoti has a class you may wish to take a look at for ideas: the Debaser (still should be called Corrupter, Temoti ; no, I'm never letting that die).

    I hope to see more material from you, both for the Hexblade and for other little-supported classes (such as the Knight, Scout, Spellthief, etc).
    Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence and for the great suggestions. The Debaser looks pretty interesting. I like the idea of an aura-based PrC; perhaps one that sacrifices hexblade spellcasting for de-buffing auras and more melee-focused bonus feats with the goal of engaging enemies in melee combat while sapping them with a short-radius aura. We'll see what ideas come...

    Thanks again!

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