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Just wanted to draw everyone's attention to a few updates. First, I've modified the Agent of Divine Misfortune to very slightly nerf their curses and replaced their Aura of Unluck with a different ability that, I feel, is more in keeping with the flavor of a divine hexblade. Second, I've replaced the ranks in Craft (sculpture) requirement for the Luck Shaper with a feat requirement: Ability Focus (Hexblade's Curse). Still not sure which I prefer, so let me know what you think.

1. I like the Shield of the Heavens ability. You're right, it does feel more in line with divine than a miss chance.

2. Huh. I'm not sure AF(Curse) is the right feat (it's great for any Hexblade, after all). I'm still trying to figure out a good feat for Luck Shaper... wait, here's a thought: Scathing Wit. It lets you use Intimidate to grant opponents penalties. A Luck Shaper (who shapes the luck of others through curses) would surely be able to use harsh language to hurt the luck of others, no? It's a thought, anyways.

3. Also, I noticed the change to the Hexblade up there. Good call.